Quarry Software Solutions


Quarry software solutions

In a quarry setting, it’s common for companies to handle more than just aggregates – they may also be involved in ready-mix, precast, and even tarmac. The efficiency of their operations relies heavily on factors like truck time on site, speed of material production and movement, and the impact of environmental factors.

Given the significant impact of transportation on these operations, business owners are now seeking ways to simplify operations and optimise their business processes through quarry software solutions.

With the numerous responsibilities involved, such as maintaining inventory, processing orders, handling finances, complying with regulations, and providing customer service, it can be overwhelming to manage each of these tasks individually using spreadsheets and various systems. Consequently, an increasing number of companies are opting for quarry software, a solution to manage your business, simplify operations and enhance efficiency.


How will quarry software help my business?

A quarry software solution can be a game-changer for companies operating within the quarry, aggregates, precast and asphalt industries. Quarry software offers an integrated approach to managing various aspects of a business, from inventory and orders to finances and customer service. By consolidating these tasks into a single system, companies can streamline their operations, reduce errors and delays, and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, many quarry software solutions now offer mobile access and real-time data, allowing managers to make informed decisions and take immediate action as needed. With features like automated workflows, customisable reporting, and intuitive interfaces, quarry software solutions can help companies in the quarry industry to simplify operations, maintain regulatory compliance, and achieve their business goals.


Specific solutions for your quarry needs

Integrated Weighbridge

Weighing products accurately is essential for the quarry, aggregates, precast, and asphalt business. Our modular weighbridge (Click here to learn about what a weighbridge is) is fully integrated with the finance department, takes orders, will automate your weighing processes, capture accurate weight data, and update inventory and order processing systems in real-time. This aspect of our quarry software can reduce the risk of errors, improve efficiency and productivity, and provide better visibility into stock levels.

Proactive Credit Control

Credit control is crucial for any business and it can be a time-consuming process. Our quarry software solution will provide tools to manage your cash flow processes proactively, such as automated payment reminders, payment tracking, and invoice reconciliation. This can reduce the risk of late payments and will prevent un-paid loads from leaving the site.

Interoperates with Batching Plants

At Herbst, our quarry software solution can integrate with batching plants to provide real-time production data, track inventory levels, and automate order processing. This can improve production planning, reduce wastage, and improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate delivery schedules.

Handheld mobile applications

Herbst ‘Trucker’ is our handheld mobile app for drivers which is used to capture real-time data, allows you to allocate tickets to drivers, complete RSA checks, capture delivery details including ETA, and make manual adjustments to batches. 

Herbst Hippo

Our ‘Hippo’ is a driver self-service application that enables drivers to weigh-in and dispatch products themselves at the weighbridge. The Hippo is linked through our quarry software directly to the back office and improves efficiencies and reduces waiting times.

Real-time Profit and Loss

Real-time profit and loss data is essential for any business to make informed decisions. Our Herbst quarry software can provide real-time financial data such as revenue, expenses and profit and loss. This can help your business to identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, and improve profitability.


A final note

If you are still sitting on the fence and trying to decide whether quarry software is what your quarry, aggregates, precast or asphalt business needs, here is a quick round up of benefits that Herbst can provide you with:

By automating and streamlining processes, improving customer service and providing better visibility into business operations, Herbst’s quarry software solutions will help your business to improve efficiency, simplify operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability.



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