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Mobile Solutions

For Specific Business Requirements

  • Capture Proof of delivery (POD)
  • Process orders & delivery documents
  • Real-time stock control on vehicles
  • Check prices and stock availability
  • Customer aged analysis
  • See previous customer purchases
  • Driver routing management
  • Process invoices
  • Windows and Android devices supported
  • Support product bar-coding scanning
  • Employee remote clock-in

Walkabout Integration

Herbst Software’s ERP solution offers a range of specialised roaming client software solutions for handheld devices. An integrated portable solution allows your business to process operational activities in real-time, no matter where the transaction is carried out. Empowering employees away from office with the information they need, reduces the amount of back-office administration and gives senior management much better control over employees who are working away from the office.

Specialised Solutions

Our range of off-the shelf handheld solutions are orientated specifically around individual employee roles. We offer devices tailored to specific industries for deliveries, sales representatives, account managers, time & attendance job costing solutions and other industry-specific solutions. Another service we provide is bespoke development for specialised business requirements, with everything integrating directly to the back-office.

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True real-time information

Your workforce can access information directly from your central system, giving them instant access to the relevant information from their mobile device. Empowering mobile users that are out of the office with the tools to enter and retrieve live information, eliminating unnecessary phone calls, emails, and any confusion. Such tools not only reduce administration but create immediate synergies throughout the various departments in an organisation

Multiple options

Windows Mobile, HTML, and Android based applications are now available that can offer similar functionality on a great variety of different devices, scaling from small portable phone devices, to tablets of any size allowing for more options and customisation based on your specific requirements. The MS Windows Mobile operating system software works with V6 or higher, and the HTML solutions can be viewed on any device capable of internet access. This gives the company a wide range of different handheld devices, anything from the mainstream mobile phone to a spark free, water resistant device.


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