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Professional Services

What is Professional Service?

We all know the importance of clients and hence to cater to their needs and queries we have been providing Professional Service to them. With a team of experienced and highly specialized staff, you can rest assured that all of your post-sale requirements will be catered for. Herbst Software is equipped with a growing professional services team that can offer consultancy and ongoing development as you require it. Each team member is trained across all of the industries we target, making sure that all of your requirements can be catered for.

The importance of Professional Services.

Professional Service is in integral step in every industry before getting their hands on the software.

  • Professional Service is a must in today’s business as it is the backbone of getting the database modified as per your business process functions.
  • It helps in getting processes done which is difficult by the client like data handling, creating complex reports etc
  • Get yourself updated about the latest features within the software upgrade
  • Opens pathway to use our system to the full extent
  • On- going training and services shall be provided as and when there is a request from the client.
  • Services like setting up user based data, defining the roles of each employee, setting up shorts on the desktop screen, providing them with more modules, consultancy for on-going customers and many.
  • It’s a two way process, either any manager from your business can request for professional service through a phone call or email or our customer service department can connect with you and update you with all the information.

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