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Jun 2023

Which kinds of businesses should use ERP Software? Check the benefits for Various Industries

Have you ever wonder which kinds of businesses should use ERP Software? In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, organisations across diverse industries are leveraging technology to...

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Jul 2022

Digital Discovery Fund

Am I eligible for the Digital Discovery Fund? Congratulations! Hopefully you have made it through the first phase and completed your digital scorecard (available here). You should...

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Jul 2022

Digitalisation funding

What is available and how to get it?   This blog is intended to give a brief overview of the digitalisation funding available to Irish Business to...

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Jul 2022

The Digital Scorecard

The Digital scorecard is an important first step towards taking your company on it’s journey towards digital transformation. The Digital Scorecard will take no longer than 10...

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May 2020

All about Distribution Software

Distribution ERP Software ERP is integrated business management software used to maintain, control, and plan within organisations across a wide variety of industries. ERP empowers you to...

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