Donal Duggan Duggan Veterinary

Duggan Veterinary, founded in 1987, provides veterinary surgeons with premium, affordable products for use in the treatment of animals. They also distribute pet grooming products to retail outlets all over Europe.

Duggan Veterinary

Billy Mc Grath Mc Graths

The weighbridge is vital to Mc Graths business as 80% of all business will pass through it, Herbst software helps supply the information to each driver and is able to pass information through the software along to invoices, controlling of stocks, and outputs.

Padraig Tully Tully Nurseries

Tully Nurseries is one of Ireland’s largest and oldest nurseries, with a reputation for excellence both in Ireland and abroad. Founded in 1978, the nursery and garden centre takes pride in having Ireland’s largest and most diverse range of plants from bedding plants to big trees, traditional treats, to enchanting exotics.