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Food and Drink Software

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Whether you are an SME with the potential for future growth, or an established large sized operation with a variety of different users, our system solution has the flexibility to suit all your requirements, allowing you to buy only what you need at any given time.

Our integrated Food & Drink solution features key industry functionality such as full traceability, touchscreen kiosks for the factory floor and live stock information.

Software for Food
Software for Food
Core Modules
Core Modules


User level access control with complete audit trail - Ensure your data is 100% protected.

All businesses must be very cognoscente of their in-house and ERP security. Our end-to-end solution can track and hold all actions in the system security log so that you can easily view and report on them.

Thresholds can be added to the solution to alert System Administrators to any breaches or unauthorised activities. Herbst supports smart security – by associating users with a role-Based security group meaning managers are better equipped to control who is using the solution and in what capacity. Password syntax and login attempt thresholds are all fully customisable and can be aligned to your company policies and standards.

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Extra Modules
Extras Modules

Customer Relationship & Marketing

Correspondence management and potential customers.

In a hectic sales and marketing environment, the ability to record and control the day to day activities is a requirement for any business. What we offer is a customer and supplier relationship management solution that gives easy access to relevant information from any ledger. This information can be used to identify opportunities to drive follow up sales and categorise companies based on their relationship to your business. This enables your marketing team to aim effective marketing communications at specific customers and focus marketing efforts on the most profitable markets.

Having a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and wants is essential to keeping your business customer focused. More than just your standard CRM, this is a marketing and account management tool that empowers your workforce with the capability to build long-lasting business relationships with clients and develop those over time. By keeping your customers up to date on topical industry matters and new developments that are relevant to them, new opportunities can be unlocked. Satisfied customers have the potential to become repeat buyers and be first in line to trial new products.

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Manage Your Business

  1. Eliminate duplication and facilitate automation.
  2. Provide up to the minute of any aspect of the business.
  3. Produce real-time and customisable reports.
  4. Shows real-time relevant information where needed.
  5. Complete real-time P&L with Drill-Down to all original docs.
  6. Integrated Web Portal to handle E-Commerce transactions.
  7. Handheld Solutions that link to the back office.
  8. Factory Kiosk options for Stock Take Production and Dispatch.

Operations and Accounts

  1. Account Management, CRM and E-mailing.
  2. Comprehensive Sales, Purchases, Stock and Nominal Ledger.
  3. Proactive Credit Control, Cash Flow and Interest Charging.
  4. Comes with a vast range of reports and forms.
  5. Multi-Currency Support and Credit Card Authorisation.
  6. Powerful Sales, Telesales and Marketing functionalities.
  7. Pricing Module with Built-In procedures.
  8. Integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  9. Analysis by Department, Categories, Locations, Budgets and Targets.

Deliveries Control

  1. Multiple Units of Measure (UOM) per product and Traceability options.
  2. Quick and intuitive Telesales Interface (quotes and orders).
  3. Simplifies and automates much of the dispatch routines.
  4. Work Orders, Assembly and Bill of Material (BOM) options.
  5. Stock Control procedures and Management Control.
  6. Yield Analysis (normalisation option).
  7. Visualise actual stock projections.


  • Eliminate duplication, simplify procedures and incorporate automation.
  • Delegate with control and send Summary Reports to Management.
  • Produce customised real-time Reports in Grid Views and Pivot Mode.
  • Advanced Budgets and Targets with real-time Business Intelligence.
  • Provide up to the minute status on any aspect of the business.
  • Empowers management with required information.


Herbst Software offers a comprehensive and integrated system specialised in your industry. Our Quarry and Aggregates Software Solution is all-in-one package compound by modular functionalities capable to accomodate to your needs by giving you the possibility to choose all the specific functions for your business.


Every possible workflow can be reached at the touch of a button, and is made simple via an intuitive user interface. This integrated system has been created to share valuable data such a Vehicle Checks, POD or Routing Sheets, including essential operations such as Weighbridge, Job Costing, Batching Plant Integration, E-Dockets managed via driver handhelds and much more; all of them linked to the back office ready to instant updates. Enjoy real-time information, and empower your staff with a solution that maximises performance and provides immediate results.


Our solutions are modular allowing for a flexible and scalable deployment, taking into account your present and future requirements. We can tailor to your individual budgetary limits, allowing you to buy only what you need at any given time. Start saving time and money by avoiding double entry, duplication and paperwork.


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