icon Fully integrated solution for the Distribution business

Herbst Distribution solutions revolutionise businesses with cutting-edge innovation and ‘source to destination’ traceability. Our fully integrated modules, featuring a user-friendly web portal, robust traceability, point-of-sale capabilities and production floor kiosks, redefine distribution processes seamlessly. This integration is not just a feature but a strategic advantage, creating a harmonious and interconnected system that streamlines operations. The benefits are transformative; Real-time visibility, optimised workflows, and data-driven decision-making.

Core Modules
Business Processes

Business Processes

Delegation of an operation amongst different individuals avoiding duplication.
Acts as the backbone of operational efficiency by streamlining and organising tasks, ensuring every aspect of the business runs smoothly. The ability for management to access, oversee and delegate tasks with a simple touch of a button offers unparalleled benefits and promotes transparency, accountability and real-time visibility into ongoing processes.


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Streamlined and standardised workflows
  • Enhanced transparency in processes
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Consistency and quality control
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Simplified delegation of tasks
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence
User Dashboard

User Dashboard

A touch friendly customisable control pannel with dials and buttons.
Offers a personalised and adaptable interface, empowering individuals to access and visualise role-specific data. With customisable features, users can tailor dashboards to their unique needs, streamlining data access and decision-making. This enhances productivity, aids strategic planning and ensures operational efficiency, making user dashboards a valuable asset in a competitive business environment.


  • Personalised data access
  • Customisable to individual needs
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Real-time information at a glance
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Efficient strategic planning
  • Performance tracking
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Increased job satisfaction
Procurement Wizard

Procurement Wizard

Flexible tool to empower efficient procurement based on existing data.
A dynamic assistant, automating critical procurement tasks such as creating purchase quotations and replenishing stocks. With a user-friendly interface, it guides users through the procurement cycle, automating the generation of purchase orders and quotations. This streamlining enhances efficiency whilst optimising stock levels and reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking.


  • Handles the whole procurement process
  • Comprehensive access to historical activity
  • Built-in supplier account management
  • Payment procedures with authorisation controls
  • Integrated stock and sales ledger
  • Special pricing and contract facility
  • Back to back ordering
  • Product/supplier approval mechanisms
  • Automated VIES & INTRASTAT reporting
  • Touch screen kiosk interface for warehouse operations
Stock & Service Ledger

Stock & Service Ledger

Designed to manage tens of thousands of stock items in real time.
A robust tool designed for efficient inventory and service management, providing comprehensive automation for stock control procedures. Integrated with sales and purchase ledgers, it simplifies maintenance and tracking of stock levels, ensuring real-time insights and continuous operational efficiency. The solution includes touch screen kiosk software for warehouse utilisation, further streamlining real-time stock management.


  • Multiple units of measure per product
  • Back to back ordering
  • Flexible and quick price changing functions
  • Integrated kits, BOM, and assembly
  • Multi bar-codes and QR code support for handhelds
  • Automated manufacturer and customer part numbers
  • Automatic delivery and insurance charge features
  • Manage outstanding orders and create picking lists tools
  • Real-time free and actual stock visibility
  • Simplify procedures with re-ordering and stock take
  • Procurement wizards
Relationship & Marketing

Relationship & Marketing

Streamlines customer & supplier relationship with other elements of the business.
Simplifies the process of accessing crucial information from any ledger and provides a comprehensive view of customer and supplier interactions. It enhances communication, streamlines data and enables organisations to proactively capitalise on potential prospects.


  • Manage sales pipelines effectively
  • Record, track and retrieve correspondence easily
  • Organise customers to identify opportunities
  • Use real-time data to highlight lost sales
  • Effective account management tools
  • Targeted campaigning via email, fax, or snail-mail
  • SMS promotions to send details to relevant customers
  • Differenciate between different types of correspondence
  • Follow up, schedule, and map activities on a shared calendar
Credit Control

Credit Control

Manage your credit terms, proactively integrated with all operations.
Ensures efficient management of overdue accounts, streamlining debt collection through automated correspondence. Seamlessly integrated into business procedures, it supports comprehensive risk management with accurate and timely information, providing flexibility in managing account statuses.


  • Start credit control validations at order stage
  • Customer credit rating for a more meaningful aged analysis
  • Restrict dispatch of goods on overdue accounts
  • Credit pop-ups on overdue accounts
  • Extensive and flexible credit constraints on customers
  • Charge interest on selected overdue accounts
  • Automated personalised debtor letter functionality
  • Direct SMS function
Sales Ledger

Sales Ledger

The work horse of the sales force, fully integrated with the rest of the organisation.
A financial control hub that tracks and organises sales transactions, streamlining processes like invoicing and payment recording. Its precise record-keeping reduces the risk of errors and provides insights into sales trends and customer behavior. This module enhances financial control, minimises risks and improves customer relationships, contributing to increased efficiency and profitability.


  • Manage sales pipeline and on-going correspondence
  • Group, classify, and organise customers
  • Quote quickly and track status thereafter
  • Store external files and contracts with customer
  • Create exception views to show lapsed sales
  • Live dispatch details visible on customer account
  • Instant access to stock availability and related information
  • Flexible and dynamic pricing systems
  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • Complexing Pricing mechanisms facilitated
Purchase Ledger

Purchase Ledger

The work horse of the procurement team fully integrated with the rest of the organisation.
Pivotal for procurement and financial control, recording transactions for effective expense management. Tailored for commodity-based businesses, it seamlessly integrates with stock and sales ledgers, optimising the entire procurement process from purchase orders to invoicing. This module empowers purchasing personnel, streamlines financial workflows and cuts costs.


  • Accurate tracking and recording of purchase transactions
  • Streamlined accounts payable process
  • Reduced risk of payment errors
  • Timely and efficient invoice processing
  • Enhanced transparency in financial operations
  • Improved insights into vendor relationships
  • Better negotiation with vendors for favorable terms
  • Optimisation of procurement strategies
  • Streamlined financial workflows
  • Enhanced financial efficiency
Nominal Ledger

Nominal Ledger

Fully integrated management & financial accounts.
At the core of our ERP is the Nominal Ledger, eliminating paper chasing and providing instant access to vital financial information. This customisable ledger ensures visibility and control over accounts receivable and payable, supporting multiple departments for comprehensive fiscal insights. It streamlines financial processes, promotes transparency, and strengthens financial control and compliance.


  • Real-time P&L
  • Quick edit correction utilities
  • Live Working Capital Analysis
  • Powerful security logs and user restrictions
  • Comprehensive range of standard reports
  • Re-definable and dynamic NL tree structure
  • Drill down to the original documents
  • Flexible business period
  • Turn on screen reader support
  • To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash
Extra Modules
Web Portal

Web Portal

Customer centric B2B online self-service.
Designed to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline interactions, the web portal provides a user-friendly online platform where customers can independently access their accounts 24/7, review transaction history, place new orders and make payments at any time. This module empowers customers with self-service options and reducing the need for direct customer support.


  • Customer specific password management tools
  • Share files and contracts securely online
  • Customer special prices supported
  • Display product availability, images, safety details, etc.
  • Sales orders and payments go directly into the system
  • Products Ledger 100% synchronized with web portal
  • Last statement and previous invoice available in real-time
  • Customisable interface with branded logo and colours
  • Integrated content management system (CMS)
  • Auto adjust interface for a multitude of devices (mobile, tablet, PC)


Regimental tracking of batches throughout the product lifecycle.
Pivotal for tracking products throughout the supply chain, offering an end-to-end view of their journey. It ensures compliance, quality control, and quick recall management by tracking attributes like batch numbers and expiration dates. This module enhances transparency, accountability and decision-making, making it indispensable for quality assurance and risk management.


  • Use existing batch numbers or create new ones
  • ‘First in first out’ batch allocation approach
  • Track ingredients used in end products
  • Batch recall reports and letters
  • Manage inspection dates
  • Control dispatch based on expiration dates
  • Goods inwards control points
  • Select and manage stock by batch
  • Multiple batch numbers supported on document line level


Factory floor operations. Allows management to facilitate, isolate, delegate & control.
A user-friendly, touch screen interface designed to streamline, delegate, facilitate, control, and report on various critical business procedures that take place on the factory floor. The kiosks are fully integrated with the back office, delivering substantial reductions in paperwork and administrative overhead.


  • Highlights discrepancies between expected & actuals
  • A very practical and simple interface to use
  • Drastically simplifies procedures where relevant
  • Swipe ID cards
  • Handles batches (traceability)
  • Checkpoint for goods produced
  • Checkpoint for goods received and dispatched
Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Advanced Point of Sale for trade.
A touch screen electronic point of sale system (EPOS) suitable for the warehouse or retail environment, integrated with accounts and stock control. With an integrated EPOS, automation is a big advantage and a key differentiator over a traditional POS system that isn’t fully integrated with accounts. This solution allows for real-time updates of sales and transactional information that’s recorded live within the core software package. It also supports multi-branch capabilities, stores account information and pricing for individual customers, while allowing for special pricing and discounts as well as document authorisation for transaction approval. >Herbst EPOS is designed and tailored to suit your specific needs, featuring a fully customisable interface, with the ability to hide and reposition UI elements and features – only seeing what is required at any given time. Having live data and only one system allows for quicker access to key information that enables better decision making during the transaction process. In addition, this solution allows for full user flexibility and enables management with the ability to limit certain functionality on a user by user basis, at their convenience.


  • Specialised features for B2B trade counter
  • Enforce delivery details for cash sales when required
  • POS fully integrated with stock ledger
  • Supports signatures at POS
  • Checks credit limits of account customers
  • Barcode and scanner support
  • Quick access to detailed product and customer info
  • Live P&L in back office
  • Supports special prices and promotions
  • Handles batch traceability
Haulage & Carriage

Haulage & Carriage

Drastically reduces overall administration with more complete integration.
Optimises transportation logistics by streamlining processes for cost-effective and timely goods movement. Offering tools for route planning and load optimisation, it facilitates resource allocation and enhances tracking of shipments and carrier performance. Integrated with ERP components, it ensures seamless flow from production to destination, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries.


  • Back to back haulage orders
  • Zone, radial miles, depots, and multiple client sites
  • Reports by haulier and driver
  • Tracks waiting time and minimum load
  • Automated self-billing reports
  • Keep coordinates for every location
  • Compare all your hauliers with one another
  • Automatically apply additional haulage charges
  • Assign a default hauler to customers


Fully integrated warehousing facilitating aisle, bays, slots etc.
Designed to optimise, streamline and manage the efficient storage, movement and tracking of inventory within a warehouse facility. Allows organisations to gain full visibility into their inventory levels, ensuring stock is adequately maintained, and goods available when needed. Offers features such as bin location management and item categorisation and supports order fulfillment, enabling accurate picking, packing, and shipping of products to customers.


  • Streamlines inventory storage and retrieval processes
  • Provides instant access to inventory levels and locations
  • Enhances order picking and packing accuracy
  • Reduces storage and carrying costs through optimised inventory control
  • Ensures on-time and accurate order deliveries
  • Simplifies and speeds up warehouse tasks
  • Minimises errors associated with manual inventory tracking
  • Maximises warehouse space for efficient storage
  • Coordinates with sales and purchase modules for seamless order management
  • Provides insights into inventory performance and trends
Product pricing

Product pricing

Streamline product pricing strategies
Allows businesses to customise pricing based on different factors such as product type, customer groups, geographic regions etc. Companies can establish dynamic pricing structures, implement promotional pricing and manage discounts. It provides the ability to track competitor pricing and assists in maintaining consistent and accurate pricing data, ensuring customers are billed correctly.


  • Flexible pricing strategies tailored to product types and customer segments
  • Dynamic pricing adjustments
  • Efficient management of promotional pricing and discounts
  • Accurate billing and reduced pricing errors
  • Improved profitability through optimised pricing strategies
  • Customisable pricing based on geographic regions and market conditions
  • Better control and consistency in pricing across the organisation
  • Real-time pricing updates and adjustments
Herbst Trucker App

Herbst Trucker App

Flexible app for drivers to facilitate PODs & prompt accurate invoicing.
Equips organisations to manage deliveries and collections efficiently through integrated vehicle checklists, proof of delivery, online/offline capabilities and direct linkage to the back office for live updates. It supports route optimisation with Google Maps, allowing drivers to edit quantities before obtaining signatures.


  • Vehicle checklists integrated with CRM
  • Proof of delivery connected with actual docs
  • Works offline as well as online
  • Live updates and information to the back office
  • Can handle deliveries as well as collections
  • Option to allow driver to edit quantities before signing
  • Integrates with google maps for navigation
  • Drastically reduce administration through automation
  • Mobile app compatible with a multitude of smartphones & rugged tablets


Robotic PA delivering KPI's & executive info to your phone.
Instant access to critical company KPIs right from your smartphone. With its user-friendly interface, this module offers six default icons showing you sales by manager, activities by user, goods in/goods out, profit margin, and activities by function. Whether you're on the go or in the office, this module keeps you informed about your business's performance, providing comprehensive insights with daily, weekly, or monthly overviews.


  • Instant access to crucial KPIs
  • Customisable notifications for transactions
  • Daily, weekly and monthly overviews
  • Insights on sales, activities, goods in/out, and profit margin
  • Real-time business performance monitoring on the go
Stock Mobile App

Stock Mobile App

Barcoding. Simplify stock management & enhance control.
An adaptable and user-friendly touchscreen app crafted to optimise and simplify stock management, offering your team on-the-go access to stock data and essential inventory functions. Whether checking live stock levels, creating transactions, or viewing product details and reports, Herbst's stock app will ensurine your organisation is consistently up to date.


  • Touchscreen mobile application
  • Real-time access to stock data
  • Streamlined stock management
  • Improved control over inventory
  • Efficient inventory-related tasks
  • Convenient access to product details
  • Enhanced decision-making
Sales Mobile App

Sales Mobile App

Empower roaming sales team with what they need in real time, from their phone.
Transforms sales and customer relationship management by providing seamless access to real-time data on an easy to use, touch screen application. Compatible with iOS, Android, tablets, and laptops, it empowers sales teams to create quotes, orders, and invoices while checking stock levels and customer-specific details.


  • Works on iOS and Android devices
  • Works on tablets and laptops
  • Produce quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices.
  • See all customer specific credit details
  • Check real time stock levels and special prices
  • Access to statements and previous transaction history
  • Track prospects and opportunities
  • Simple finger friendly interface that works in a browser
  • Browse product ledger for alternatives and potential items

icon Benefits

  • Provide up to the minute status of any aspects of the business.
  • Customisable Pivot Views with integrated Report and Form Writer.
  • Factory Kiosk options for Stock Take, Production and Dispatch.
  • Integrated Web Portal to handle E-Commerce transactions.
  • Complete real-time P&L with Drill-Down to all original docs.
  • Handheld Solutions that link with the back office.
  • Eliminate duplication and facilitate automation.