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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

  • Accidents recording
  • Streamlined approval process via automation
  • Detailed absence calendar for future planning
  • Analyse time and attendance information
  • Management and ad-hoc reporting
  • Unlimited history and analysis per employee
  • Automated collection of data
  • Accurately calculates absence cost
  • Overtime approval
  • Rules-based shifts & rotation plans
  • Analyse costs by project/job/cost centre
  • Android options available

Fully Complaint with Legislation

Time and attendance management is critical to ensure working time and employee absences are managed correctly, to monitor and improve operational efficiencies and for ensuring compliance with legislation such as the EU Working Time Directive. Herbst Time and Attendance is a fully integrated software solution for recording the attendance of employees and the calculation of their wages. It is designed to save your company many hours of manual labour in tracking, accumulating, and summarizing your employees’ attendance.

Allows for Flexibility

The software is extremely flexible, allowing you to define your own rules for tracking and registering employee presences and absences. Herbst Time and Attendance is an enterprise platform providing you with the ability to manage and control your absences and associated costs. This solution enables your managers to manage their team while automatically producing key metrics and analytics for senior management.

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Completely Integrated operations across your business

Herbst Time and Attendance seamlessly integrates with the entire Herbst Insight suite including our payroll software, Herbst Pay, but can also be implemented as a stand-alone module which interfaces with 3rd party solution providers as standard. All information is recorded in real-time which has the benefit of eliminating the duplication of data and saving valuable work time.

Advanced Functionality

Herbst Time and Attendance facilitates all time and attendance requirements including flexitime, absence management, rostering, holiday management, EU Working Time Directive and annualised hours. One of the major advantages is that all data can be recorded on your company’s main server and is completely live and up-to-date, keeping management up to speed with all goings on right up to the minute.

Easy to use, reducing manual administration

Our solution significantly reduces processing time, increases accuracy and provides exceptions-driven approval processing for managers. The solution is designed to streamline time and attendance management, reduce costs and increase organisational efficiency. The user interface is designed for quick and glance-able information and can be customised to display exactly what you need at any given time.

Multitude of options available

There are multiple time and attendance units available with various sensors such as bio-metrics and photo capture, all offered at an affordable rate. Additionally, an Android version is also available that works on any tablet running that operating system.

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