8 Common Business Management Problems That Can Be Avoided By One Solution


Want to know the most common business management problems of Manufacturing, Distribution, Food and Drink, Agricultural, Engineering and Industries related to good and service trading?

As we all know every industry or business has some or the other scary or strict business management process which needs to be handled efficiently and effectively. And for this, you don’t need any rocket science techniques to solve them. However, just need to think of an alternative which will be smart.

What are the main issues faced by these industries? 

1. No accurate stock numbers?

One of the biggest business management problems would be keeping accuracy with regards to the stock is one of the major issues faced by most of the business and industries dealing with stocks on a day to day basis. Let’s say you had placed an order for 300 products but when you check in your system the status reflects only 250 products. Now you are thinking where did the rest 50 products go? This is where the problem arises.

Check here how to maintain 100% accuracy in stock records.

2. Forgot to count few goods?

Keeping a record of how many goods have arrived in the warehouse and following the procedure of counting, updating in the system sounds simple but in reality requires a lot of accuracy. Imagine you have assigned the task to one of your employees and he/she forgets to count one of the isles of goods arrived in the warehouse. What would you do now?

3. Customised finished goods?

As we all know the importance of clients/ customers in the business. Their needs and requirements do not always match up with what we do but that does not mean we should neglect their specific requirements. Imagine one of your valuable customers wants to customise a finished product. For example: Mr. Joe usually orders for manufacturing of black water bottles however, for a change Mr. Joe has recently asked for different colour variants with slight changes in the water bottle to be manufactured. What would you do now?

4. Can’t remember credit history?

Large Industries and businesses has on-going money transactions with their clients. Due to the nature of the business, outstanding balance by the client is something which needs to be taken care of. Keeping a track of the outstanding balance of each client is something which requires a lot of accuracy. Imagine when you do not have information about how much money Mr. Joe is liable to pay before placing another purchase order?

5. No Real-Time information?

If your business is related to manufacturing of products and distributing the finished goods to the clients, traceability will be the main concern for you. Having live information about your products in the warehouse and also when it’s out for dispatch is important to all business related to production and distribution. For example; Goods produced are out for dispatch but due to unfavourable factors you do not know whether the delivery van has reached the clients location. How would you tackle this issue?

Nowadays Mobile Solutions are not an extraordinary tools, they are just needed. You can check here how our mobile solutions work fully integrated with our ERP to solve one of your biggest business management problems.

6. Too many trucks arrived at the same time?

We all know that working in a warehouse is a tiring process. It requires major physical effort and paperwork. Employees working in a warehouse are exposed to more manual work which then decreases their productivity. Let me put across this way; In your warehouse 3-4 trucks of goods has arrived and you have to now count the number of goods before stocking up. What would you do?

7. Special Prices for certain customers?

Business has different price list as per the clients. Not every client will have standard price but keeping in mind that which of the customer is entitled to what price is not simple. You won’t have the same price for a new customer as compared to your old customer. How will you know special prices for each customer?

We designed a specific module which goes into our ERP called Discount Control which helps you with that important and not so easy task.

8. Can’t Recall Product Details?

One of the crucial aspects in Food, Drink, Agriculture and Manufacturing industry is to keep track of the product batch number. For example; Food Department Regulatory firm wants to recall the product ingredients of a finished product which has caused sickness to Mr. Joe. How would you get this information? 

What would you do in the above scenarios?


Business Management Problems

These were the few business management problems encountered by most of the Industries. However, there are plenty of problems exposed to them and you should know how to solve these concerns in a smart way. By integrating one software using an ERP System (learn more everything about an ERP System) which will eliminate your business management problems will not only help in overcoming the current problems but will also boost productivity in your business. (How To Maintain 100% Accuracy In Stock Records Of The Business?)

The complexities involved in these industries requires technological support which will not only solve the present business management problems but will create solutions as and when your business encounters a new issue. 

So, what are you thinking about? Connect with Herbst Software to make your business simple! 🙂


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