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Make a Change with a Quarry Software

Whether you are an SME with the potential for future growth, or an established large-sized operation with a variety of different users, our system solution has the flexibility to suit all your specific requirements by modules especially designed for the Quarry Industry; allowing you to implement a customisable end-to-end ERP solution that allows you to have all the control of your business processes. A complete Quarry Software for your business.

 Core Modules 


Your data are 100% protected and ready to share.

All businesses must be very cognoscente of their in-house and ERP security – all the time. Herbst Software Solutions track and hold all actions in the ERP and can easily report on them.

Thresholds can be added to the solution to alert System Administrators to any breaches or unauthorised activities. Herbst supports smart security – by associating users with a Role-Based security group, Managers are better equipped to control who is using the solution and in what capacity. Password syntax and login attempt thresholds are all fully customisable and will be aligned to your company policies and standards.

Be able to assure your clients their information, transactions and business information is safe with you and your company.

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  Extras Modules

Bot Feeder

Link to social media and senior management robotic PA.

Imagine have a virtual Personal Assistant, able to disseminate important information at the touch of a button? Never again receive superfluous updates and irrelevant information that creates ‘Inbox Noise’. Always be informed about important transactions, issues, requests and activities.

Herbst Bot Feeder is a robust tool meant to feed relevant data to senior Management in real time, based on specific thresholds and settings. Automatic notifications can be sent, for example, indicating when a sale of over 30,000 Euros has been posted to the hosted ERP solution. This allows the Senior Manager to look at the transaction and tend to any issues associated with it.

Bot Feeder also connects to various Social Media platforms and can create customised notifications based on preferred alerts and notices as desired – offering multiple paths to real-time information.

Bot Feeder operates from any iOS or Android device as well as being accessible from a PC. This module does need to be deployed in an in-house hosted environment to ensure secure operations.

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Manage Your Business

  1. Produce real-time reports and status on orders with complete Accounts.
  2. Complete real-time P&L with Drill-Down to all original documents.
  3. Provide up to the minute status of any aspect of the business.
  4. Reduce administration and eliminate duplication.
  5. Control all operations from the one system.
  6. See Cost and/or Profit by driver or truck.

Operations and Accounts

  1. Batching Invoicing, Statements, Payments and Specialised Pricing.
  2. Site Management, CRM and E-mailing.
  3. Complete Sales, Pricing and Account Management.
  4. Purchasing and Back-to-Back Haulage Payments.
  5. Control all stock movements and levels.
  6. Credit Control throughout the system.
  7. Accurately Control Machinery Costs.

Deliveries Control

  1. Automates Contract Haulage Charges for individual loads.
  2. Integrates fully Weighbridge with the back office.
  3. Enforces Credit Control at Weighbridge with Live-Info.
  4. Electronic collection of Proof of Delivery (POD).
  5. Comprehensive Sales Pricing Support.
  6. Sales, Orders and/or Contract Management.
  7. Batching Plant Exchange.
  8. Driver Operated Kiosks.



Herbst Software offers a comprehensive and integrated system specialised in your industry. Our Quarry and Aggregates Software Solution is all-in-one package compound by modular functionalities capable to accomodate to your needs by giving you the possibility to choose all the specific functions for your business.


Every possible workflow can be reached at the touch of a button, and is made simple via an intuitive user interface. This integrated system has been created to share valuable data such a Vehicle Checks, POD or Routing Sheets, including essential operations such as Weighbridge, Job Costing, Batching Plant Integration, E-Dockets managed via driver handhelds and much more; all of them linked to the back office ready to instant updates. Enjoy real-time information, and empower your staff with a solution that maximises performance and provides immediate results.

Being Flexibility.

We can tailor to your individual budgetary limits, allowing you to buy only what you need at any given time and thanks to our modular connectivity ‘connected to each other’ you can start saving time and money, avoiding for instance, double entry duplication and paperwork.


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