Investing In A Weighbridge, Key Points You Should Be Aware


We all know the capital required for investing in a weighbridge system is not small, it’s a major investment. While it is imperative to get a site overview and determine each weighbridge as indicated by condition and use, there are normal highlights over all 

weighbridges that it pays to get it. (What do you need to know about weighbridge?) We are going to provide weighbridge buyer’s guide which will cover the key consideration points before purchasing a weighbridge.

What type of weighbridge? Pit or Surface Mounted?

One of the key considerations to be taken before finalising the decision is to understand whether which bridge would be suitable pit or surface mounted. This can be better understood once we examine the site condition.

Investing in a Weighbridge

Let’s know what is Pit Mounted Weighbridge.

Investing in a Weighbridge

A pit-mounted weighbridge sits in a pit. All of the mechanisms, wiring and load cells reside underground, allowing the weighing surface to be completely level with the ground. Because these bridges don’t require ramps they take up less surface area, making them ideal for smaller areas or sites where vehicle flow might change direction. 


Let’s know what is Surface Mounted Weighbridge.

Investing in a Weighbridge

Investing in a Weighbridge

A surface-mounted weighbridge simply sits on top of the ground. It requires ramps for vehicles to drive on and off and is arguably the more common type.This design is often selected when the bridge may need to be moved, or in temporary installations. Before purchasing, check the overall height of the bridge. Higher decks need longer ramps, which increase the overall footprint of the weighbridge as well as the turning circle for vehicles approaching the bridge.

Which is better now? (Surface Mounted Weighbridge or Pit Mounted Weighbridge)

Which type is better depends entirely on the situation of your business. A pit-mounted weighbridge comes with a number of benefits. There is a seamless transition between weighing and non-weighing road, removing any difficulties for vehicles to “get onto” the weighing platform. A pit mounted weighbridge provides slightly more flexibility in a vehicle’s ability to turn, overtake etc. – allowing operational flexibility. Finally, a pit-mounted weighbridge takes up less space, as there doesn’t need to be maintenance access around the outside of it or space taken up by ramps.With incorrect care, the pit can easily fill with water, parts can malfunction and rust can begin to set in.

However, surface mounted weighbridge can be much more flexible option. They can be placed wherever they are needed (and moved afterwards if necessary). Whilst surface-mounted weighbridges generally require more room to accommodate maintenance access around the outside and loading/unloading ramps, they are a more affordable option for most businesses due to not needing any groundwork.Surface-mount weighbridges are generally a better option for businesses due to simpler maintenance and flexibility, and ease of installation.

Concrete or Steel Decks?

Investing in a Weighbridge

Find out everything about Concrete Decks

If you are looking for massive load bearing strength with least maintenance then a Concrete platform is the perfect choice. The concrete decks enable throughputs of bulk materials and are designed to keep installation, maintenance and operation as simple as possible even in the saline and corrosive environment. One can choose either a Surface Mounted or a Pit Mounted Concrete Scale depending on the space accessibility. The Steel Frame for the concrete scale is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

When we talk about the features provided by concrete decks I would say it provides more features than steel. Features like Exact weight first time & every time, Quick installation.Exceptional levels of corrosion protection through shot-blasting and epoxy paint Coating, Factory build and calibrated with stringent quality standards, The adjustment and testing for each system is carried out prior to delivery.


  1. Long Lasting Surface
  2. Heavier structure resists severe deck movements
  3. Less expansion with heat
  4. More confidence in the structural Integrity


  1. More Difficult to re-locate.
  2. Generally more expensive

Now, lets know everything about Steel Platform

The steel platform decks offer higher strength, greater reliability and faster installation than conventional systems. Their simple foundations, fast, bolt-down sitting and innovative box construction have made them the preferred choice of operators across the country.

Latest machines are deployed to confirm that quality is built into the manufacturing process. The production system ensures flawless focus to the performance of the product and faster response to customer’s needs.

What are the main features?

  1. Require less maintenance
  2. Fast and easy installation
  3. Easy to relocate

What are the advantages?

  1. Long lasting surface.
  2. Heavier structure resists severe deck movements
  3. Less expansion with heat
  4. More confidence in the structural Integrity

What are the disadvantages

  1. Steel quality must be questioned.
  2. Lighter structure means more severe movements on the load cells
  3. Steel expands more with heat

Types of load cells:

Selecting a top-quality load cell for your weighing system is the first step in obtaining weighing accuracy. The load cell is a part of any scale that measures weights or constrained beng applied. The cells convert the power of the load into an electrical signal, which is then pursued and shown by a weight indicator.Load cells come in a range of different sizes, shapes and capacities, with weighbridges frequently using either analogue or digital cells. Generally speaking, both analogue and digital cells use the same strain gauge technology – but each over different benefits depending on the environment.

Analogue Cells:

Analogue load cells are the most common solution. Over time they have evolved to deliver a solution that provides a different set of benefits to a digital cell. The Weigh Bar, for example, features unique self-restoring characteristics without the need for end stops. This means that the cell is less susceptible to the negative effects of shock loading, movement, torque and twist that can occur due to natural movement of the weighbridge as a vehicle enters the platform.  

Digital Cells:

Digital canister load cells are a popular choice in weighbridges. Digital load cells offers high accuracy weighing, with some designs offering equal precision when weighing at an angle. They can be pre-linearized, which allows fast and simple installation and calibration, as well as offering built in diagnostic tools. Generally speaking, a digital cells offers increased data access and the information can be transferred more effectively over longer distances – e.g. if a weighbridge is situated a long way from the weight indicator.

Bear in mind that digital load cells can be more costly than an analogue alternative. Both provide an accurate and dependable solution, but their suitability varies depending on frequency of use and environmental pressures. To know what causes weighbridge problems read this blog (How much do you know about weighbridge problems?)

Know the purpose for weighbridge:

Data Requirements and access:

Weighbridge has the potential to provide a wealth of information that can help you to control wastage, monitor costs and improve efficiencies. You have to carefully consider what you need from your weighbridge – whether data transfer for invoicing and purchasing, added security and fraud protection, reporting for legislative purposes or sharing data across multiple sites. 

It is vital that your software supplier understands the weighing industry and has a proven ability to develop software that seamlessly integrates with your business systems and requirements. 

Why Herbst Weighbridge?

Having more than 20 years of experience in the ERP market, we are known to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for all type of Industries. The great advantage of having your weighbridge connected directly to your ERP Business Management Software is to have the ability to convert the manual process into an organised and automated business process 


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