Herbst Kiosks

Herbst Kiosks

icon What is a Kiosk?

Our kiosks are simple touch screen solutions that enable workers to conduct goods in, stock take, production and dispatch procedures on the factory floor with ease, using an intuitive user interface. These user-friendly kiosks have been designed specifically for warehouse, weighbridge and factory floor operations.

Tailored for businesses with large stock or specific needs such as traceability and batch management, our Kiosks empower front-line staff and allow real-time data capture. The solution is highly customisable and supports common inputs such as barcode scanners, weighing equipment, keyboards, mice and touch screens, ensuring each employee can perform their tasks efficiently with minimal interference from the back office.

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icon Herbst Kiosks


Goods in

Simplifies and automates the process of receiving and logging incoming goods, ensuring efficient stock management and accurate record-keeping.



Streamlines and optimises various aspects of the production process, facilitating tasks such as goods tracking, stock management and quality control.


Stock Control

Automates inventory tasks such as goods in, stock take, and dispatch procedures, streamlining stock management and ensuring precise tracking.


Location & internal
transfer (LIT)

Facilitates location management and internal transfer processes, providing a user-friendly interface for tracking, updating and managing their locations.



Seamlessly integrating with the back office, these driver-operated kiosks enforce credit control and enable real-time conversion to invoices, POD and electronic signatures.


Goods Out

Automates the process of dispatching goods, offering a user-friendly interface for efficient order confirmation, label printing, and documentation.

icon General Benefits

  • Removes manual entry, paperwork & duplication
  • A very practical and simple interface to use
  • Delegate, facilitate and control
  • Deals with large quantities of stock and special requirements
  • Drastically simplifies procedure where relevant
  • Real time data and full visibility
  • Swipe ID cards
  • Empowers front-line staff to do jobs correctly
  • Fully integrated with back office
  • Customisable
  • Applications available