Benefits of Integrated Inventory Management


What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is all about planning how you buy, store, and sell your stock—whether it’s raw materials, parts, or finished products. The goal is to have just the right amount of stock without tying up too much cash in excess inventory. When done right, it saves companies a lot of money.


What Is the Main Purpose of Inventory Management?

The main goal of inventory management is to make sure you always have enough goods or materials to meet demand without ending up with too much excess stock.


What Are the Advantages of Inventory Management?

Accurate inventory management is crucial for a successful product business. Regularly tracking your stock can help you avoid errors and other issues. Here are some key benefits of strong inventory management:



Benefits of integrating your stock within an ERP Solution

Inventory management helps you save money and keep an accurate stock count, but when you integrate it with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system or Business Management System, things get a lot better. Here’s how an ERP with inventory management capabilities can really boost your business:












Herbst Software, he ERP Solution For All SME’s.

Herbst Software is known to offer a powerful, fully integrated ERP solution, built to deal with a wide range and high volume of stock and distribution operations. Their solution allows you to manage your product life cycle and optimise inventory operations across the organisation, linking this information in real-time directly with your other business processes.

The purpose of this solution is to fully automate your stock control procedures with 100% accuracy. With sales and purchase ledgers fully integrated, stock levels are easily maintained and tracked, as the data connects directly with your inventory. Additionally, this solution provides real-time insight into current stock levels, offering actionable information to keep your business running efficiently at all times. Their touch screen kiosk software can be used in warehouses for real-time stock management, and with this fully integrated ERP solution, management can view stock analytics from anywhere, at the touch of a button.

For more information on Herbst Software, click HERE or call:

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