H. Hosting

H. Hosting

icon With Hosting

  • Database backups and upgrades
  • Failover availability
  • Secure and advanced remote access for multi-depot and dispersed teams.
  • Executive Herbst BOT-PA for instant access to KPIs through smart phone.

icon Without Hosting

  • No technical support or technical support problems if you have very little technical training and knowledge.
  • Unmanaged and time consuming process.
  • Hire an IT person or outsource the work.
  • High cost added to your business.

icon H. Hosting Solution Full Information

H. Hosting is a Cloud Solution providing Herbst Insight Enterprise always at its optimum. H. Hosting provides complete server infrastructure which includes hardware, security, on-going periodical checkup maintenance and upgrade. Ideal solution for a dispersed workforce providing ease of secure access from anywhere with reasonable internet. Charges clear and periodically predictable. ROI over a LAN alternative based on expertise, technology, infrastructure, reliability, mobility and economy of scale.