Really understanding job costing


You are bidding on a contract. You know you and your team can handle the job and you know you can do it on time and on budget. That’s all well and good, but can you prove it?

In most cases, that is a definitive ‘no’. You rely on your favourite three references and your stellar reputation in engineering circles, but you want to put your money where your mouth is and stand behind your bid and your work. You want to stand out against your competitors and win that bid.

In order to bid effectively, and to be able to track your job costs, you need a solution that not only provides you with legacy data and robust reports, but planning data; as well as the ability to speculate the cost of a project based on experience and proven knowledge. You have all those things, but are they in one place, where they can be accessed with a few strokes on your tablet or smartphone? Or, are they in 400 spreadsheets on 5 different laptops out in the field?

You want to be able to run clean and fast organic searches as well as get to the key data you require. You want to be able to identify what materials and goods have arrived at the job site, and what is scheduled to be delivered that day. You also want to be able to pull up critical documents like permits, work orders, invoices and bills of lading associated with the project. You want to be efficient, informed and ready for anything – especially when the client asks for it!

Herbst Software offers a comprehensive, robust solution for all your job-costing needs. Part of a broad ERP offering, job costing is an essential part of total project management and delivery. Rather than hauling large bundles of files and paperwork, you and your team can have the entire project file load accessible from your tablets or smartphones, as it will all reside on a cloud server, accessible from anywhere.

Benefits of a comprehensive job costing solution:

Ultimately, the greatest benefit of a streamlined, high efficiency job-costing solution is the ability to expedite the payment process.  By getting invoices out in a timely manner and offering simple and convenient payment methods to your customers, the payment cycle is optimised, and you are able to manage your projects and customers’ expectations better.

With all the knowledge you need at your fingertips, you and your team will be able to manage the costs, resources and logistics of any job you take on.

The Job Costing solution is fully integrated with Herbst Jobber, our mobile solution well designed for engineers. You can watch the video below in order to fully understanding about our solution.

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