Invoicing Software: It doesn’t have to be difficult!


It’s invoicing day. Your Accounts team collectively groan in anticipation of the frustrating hours to come. Manually gathering work orders, expense sheets and payment history from the Sales team … and trying to make sure the amounts invoiced are correct (so they don’t have to be repeated – or worse, deal with an irritated customer who challenges the invoice totals).

The Accounts team have complained for years that the current invoicing software is not adequate or doesn’t meet their changing needs. They want a solution that integrates into a quote generating system, a working tracker and project tracking system and finally, provide comprehensive reports, on demand.

The ability to get paid promptly allows you to operate successfully as a business and focus on existing customers and potential businesses effectively.

Then there are annual audits. Another collective groan. Their ability to present comprehensive and precise information totally depends upon the sources of the data with which they work. Flawed and inaccurate data will only produce flawed and inaccurate results!

Why waste the valuable time of your Accounts team and risk losing customers over incorrect billing disasters?

You don’t have to. By deploying a robust and customised invoicing software solution, you are taking a key valuable step to improve the operations of your business.

Did you know that it approximately costs $25 USD to produce one invoice? No company is too small (or too big) for automated invoicing. Efficiencies can be discovered everywhere. It takes the vision and commitment of a dynamic leader to make that call for their company and employees.

You may have experienced this embarrassing scenario:

Catherine has only been with Company XYZ for just a few months. A long-term client needs to be invoiced. Now, the last three invoices were sent to the wrong person at Company XYZ. The client had asked that the invoices be sent and addressed to him over three times and is now frustrated. No one had bothered to change it. Catherine, knowing nothing of this history sent the invoice to the client, with the same incorrect name on it – as that was the information in the file. She thought she was doing a great job!

The client calls and blames Catherine for being inept and not paying any attention to his requests. They are now in danger of losing that client.

Catherine does not understand what happened and looks to the Sales team for an update when one of them states “Oh yes, I forgot to change that… did not have the time to do it. Sorry.” Catherine is not amused.

With a fully integrated solution, the Sales employees can update the file on the fly, ensuring that information is captured in the accounting module and accessible to the Accounts team.

Benefits of an automated, integrated invoicing software solution:

With an integrated, end-to-end invoicing software solution from Herbst Software,  you and your Accounts team will be able to track all completed, billable tasks, expenses, taxes and ensure the invoices are issued in a timely, efficient manner.


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