Hosting Application Services on the Cloud


What does  ‘cloud’ mean?

In layman terms, ‘cloud’ a very broad word and can be interpreted in many ways, but from a B2B environment, cloud is about simplifying things, ease of access and ease of use. If you have a distributed company (people and branches everywhere), rather than having your infrastructure centralised within an office, it is centralised on the internet meaning all staff can access it.


Different types of cloud

With this very generic explanation of ‘cloud’, comes two different aspects; a cloud that hosts virtual machines and a cloud that hosts application services.

With a virtual machine, you install all your own applications, databases and basically just have a server which is on the cloud. When the cloud hosts an application service, it functions through a machine or potentially, several machines (if it’s something more complicated like a database) because it must be made secure and is managed by an Application service provider (ASP).

Which is better? Virtual machine cloud or Application services?

Many businesses don’t usually care about hosted machines, the main reason being that it is much more cost effective to get an application, rather than a server. What usually happens with hosting virtual machines, is that the hosting server will say ‘here’s a machine, you can go and do whatever you want with it’, and depending on your security rights, it immediately opens up a whole load of security holes by default.

Whereas if u have a service, you are completely locked out from it as it is the ASP’s (Application service provider) job to give you access to all the applications. You don’t need to do backups, you don’t have access to the controls, and you don’t need to worry about virus’s.  No one can sabotage your database because the ASP’s who keep your database up to date are specialists in all areas of cyber security. They know exactly what they are doing, meaning it’s essentially 10 times easier and 10 times faster for a customer to host a service which in return provides immediate efficiencies all around.


What service does Herbst Software provide?

Herbst software provides a service that is hosted on the cloud which we call ‘H.Hosting’. In simple terms, our H.Hosting service provides you with our Herbst Insight solution off premises and gives your team secure access to your business application through the internet.

We provide complete server infrastructure which includes hardware, security, on-going periodical check-up maintenance and upgrades. We won’t bore you with the technicalities of it all, the only information you need to know is when we are upgrading hardware, because we do everything else for you!

To make things easier for the end user, we give you a password to use for the app rather than the actual hosting environment. This is a much better service than a virtual machine cloud because all our customers need is an internet connection to access to the application. This means there is less to worry about.

Why choose H.Hosting?

H.Hosting is the ideal solution for companies that want a reliable, flexible, secure and resilient infrastructure without any concerns of ongoing maintenance. Our IT database specialists completely manage your Herbst Insight Solution off premises and provide your team secure access to your business application through the internet.


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Benefits of H.Hosting


Learn more about our fully integrated business management solution – Herbst Insight, in the video below!


For more information about H.Hosting or if you would like to download a free copy of our e-booklet on the service, click here! If you would like to speak with one of our Herbst specialists, give us a call on +353 404 67164.

We believe in making business simple and creating solutions for all your problems! 🙂


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