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Point of Sale:

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A touch screen electronic point of sale system (EPOS) suitable for the warehouse or retail environment, integrated with accounts and stock control. With an integrated EPOS, automation is a big advantage and a key differentiator over a traditional POS system that isn’t fully integrated with accounts. This solution allows for real-time updates of sales and transactional information that’s recorded live within the core software package. It also supports multi-branch capabilities, stores account information and pricing for individual customers, while allowing for special pricing and discounts as well as document authorisation for transaction approval.

Herbst EPOS is designed and tailored to suit your specific needs, featuring a fully customisable interface, with the ability to hide and reposition UI elements and features – only seeing what is required at any given time. Having live data and only one system allows for quicker access to key information that enables better decision making during the transaction process. In addition, this solution allows for full user flexibility and enables management with the ability to limit certain functionality on a user by user basis, at their convenience.

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    Point of Sale Key Benefits

    • Specialised features for B2B trade counter
    • Enforce delivery details for cash sales when required
    • POS fully integrated with stock ledger
    • Supports signatures at POS
    • Checks credit limits of account customers
    • Barcode and scanner support
    • Quick access to detailed product and customer info
    • Live P&L in back office
    • Supports special prices and promotions
    • Handles batch traceability