Weighbridge, all you need to know about it.


Want to know what is weighbridge and why is it important?

A Weighbridge or a truckscale is a set of scale which is used to weigh products in bulk.  It is a set of scale which is mounted by the weighbridges manufacturer on a concrete surface. It has an electronic or digital monitor which displays the weight of the vehicle weighed. Weighbridges are mainly used for weighing large vehicles like trucks or rail containers where movement of goods is done through vehicles. Reliable and accurate weighing helps the industry by giving them the exact figures to maintain their goods inward and goods outward.

Weighbridge Truck

Why should one have weighbridge solution?

Have you ever thought about simplifying your complex business problems when it comes to weighing products in bulk? Weighbridge solution helps in solving complex problems of weighing the products or goods. It provides many benefits such as;

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What’s the procedure of a weighbridge?

Weighbridge is used for weighing or determining the weight of goods being carried or to determine the load on each axle to ensure the vehicle is not overloaded before travelling on a public road. The procedure for determining the net weight of a load on a vehicle is quite simple;

  1. Instruct the driver to approach the weighbridge slowly and to proceed directly onto the platform without turning or harshly applying brakes.
  2. Ensure the vehicle is completely on the platform. Ensure no tyres are rubbing against anything because this will produce inaccurate results. 
  3. Unless prohibited for occupational health and safety reasons, ask the driver and any passengers to get out of the vehicle and off the platform. It may not be the same driver, or the passengers could be missing, when the vehicle returns. (This is the appropriate procedure for trade transactions however for law enforcement of road rules the driver may be required to stay in the vehicle.) 
  4. Weigh the loaded (or unloaded) vehicle. Record the gross (or tare) mass on the measurement ticket as soon as the weighing is completed. 
  5. Once the vehicle returns, weigh the unloaded (or loaded) vehicle. Ensure the tare (or gross) mass is included on the measurement ticket as soon as the weighing is completed. 
  6. To obtain the net mass, subtract the tare mass from the gross mass. Record the net mass on the measurement ticket.

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