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Top 5 benefits for deploying Manufacturing Software

Top 5 benefits for deploying Manufacturing Software

Why is it, so much of the manufacturing sector is automated, yet so many of the processes behind it are cumbersome and manual? Should your processes not be as efficient and sexy as your production line?

Yes, they should!

The features and functions needed in a manufacturing environment are unique and nothing like any other industry. There are tight deadlines, materials to manage and customers with their own delivery deadlines to meet. Everything must work according to plan or profitability will be affected and customers lost.

Herbst Software understands the manufacturing sector. They have a great deal of experience deploying and supporting manufacturing environments and can work with you and your team to ensure you have the tools you need to be more efficient and highly competitive.

Below are 5 benefits to deploying smart manufacturing solutions

  • Information on the go:  With your teams on the move, in the plants or on the road, they will have access to all production status data. This allows for a faster, more nimble approach to production management and delivery schedules.

    Let’s face it, manufacturing facilities are big! Getting back to a PC or workstation to update an order’s status wastes time and money. Imagine they can do everything they do at a workstation from a tablet from anywhere in the plant!

  • Broad team access: Whether your teams like to use tablets, laptops or their smartphones, they will have access to all the data they need to meet ever-changing customer and production demands.  Depending on the solution, it may only be a matter of licenses or managing user credentials to add users.

  • Cost reduction: Once measurable efficiencies are reported and in place, cost savings soon follow. By tracking and reporting on production deliverables, invoices can be produced in a more timely manner. Based on the information extracted from the solution through reports, you will be able to address your staffing capacities to meet cyclical demands and always meet production deadlines on budget.

  • Streamlining tasks: Waste and production errors are costly not only from a deliverable perspective but from a customer-impact perspective as well. By accessing real-time data on all production progress, you and your team will be able to react quicker, make adjustments and meet all deadlines. By doing it right the first time ensures less waster and production slippage.

  • Communication, communication, communication! Teams need to talk. Having a tool that allows them to virtually collaborate, provide project updates, and meet regularly ensures there are no misinterpretations on the work at hand. This constant communication will reduce errors, production delays and keep the team working like a true, collaborative, brilliant team.

The ability to bind multiple departments and divisions through a centralised ERP which supports a robust, time critical business is very powerful. With each team, or division able to access the data they need, check on production progress and report to customers in real-time will give your enterprise the competitive edge needed to stand above the rest.


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