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The Launch of Herbst Academy

On behalf of the Herbst team, here’s announcing the launch of our brand-new online course and training facility – Herbst Academy!

We created Herbst Academy to offer a more affordable and efficient way to deliver knowledge directly to our customers whether you’re in the office or from the comfort of your home.

When we spoke with our customers earlier this year, one thing they all agreed upon was that they were finding it difficult to learn and implement new features of our system as opportunities for staff training within the workplace were now scarce. Since the pandemic, many companies have allowed their staff to remain in a partially remote workplace meaning it can be difficult to assemble everyone back in the office for a day of coaching. This is why we created Herbst Academy! This service will offer you unlimited access to coaching videos and focused day courses, allowing you to up-skill your team and get the most out of your system in any place, at any time.

How does Herbst Academy work?

  • Herbst Academy is a subscription-based service that will give you access to unlimited training videos & courses that you can access at any time, giving you much greater flexibility. 
  • You will have Q&A live and recorded sessions and live and exclusive webinars.
  • We will launch one new course or Q&A every month so you and your team will never stop learning.
  • The administrator can watch participants progress from a user-friendly dashboard.


*Note: Herbst Academy is not a replacement for customer specific training by our Professional Services team. For more information on Professional Services, click the link below:


Herbst Academy Courses

  • Each course has approximately 12 main topics and equates to one full day of structured training.
  • We have clearly defined topics within chapters which can be watched independently by staff and our chapters will have one (or more) exercise showing a relevant problem and demonstrating solutions.
  • We will launch one new course or Q&A every month so you and your team will never stop learning.

Herbst Academy courses currently ready to access

  • Credit Control 
  • Money Matters  
  • Nominal Ledger 
  • Stock Management  
  • Report Writing 
  • Account Advanced  
  • Sales & Account Management  
  • Business Intelligence Views & Pivots 


Why should you become a member of Herbst Academy?

  • Learn something new every month
  • Give all employees the opportunity to get better at their routine tasks
  • Enhance business processes
  • Get early access to new release candidates 
  • Attend exclusive live Q&A sessions and exclusive webinars
  • Watch and learn anywhere at anytime
  • Control who has completed each course from the administrator panel
  • Avoid small mistakes using our system


If you missed our Herbst Academy Webinar and would like to see what it’s all about, check out our video below:


Not a Herbst customer and would like to avail of our ERP Software to make your business management solutions more efficient? Check out our blog below!

Click here to become a member of Herbst Academy today!


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