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ERP Solution

AGRI Business

  • Eliminate duplication, simplify procedures & incorporate automation
  • Produce customised real-time reports in grid views and pivots mode
  • Manage quotes, orders, deliveries and invoicing
  • Comprehensive stock and dispatch with traceability
  • Credit and cash point of sale, touch screen
  • Completely integrated weighbridge software
  • Driver handhelds with offline and online support
  • Account management, customer relations and correspondence
  • Credit control interwoven throughout the system


  • Eliminate duplication and facilitate automation
  • See the real-time status of all jobs with drill down analysis
  • Real-time work in progress stats by jobs or groups of jobs
  • Job pricing: fixed price, time & materials and cost plus
  • Manage & access external photos and files from within the job
  • Producing estimates for job costs/quotes
  • Purchasing. Handling quotes, orders and GRN each showing their status
  • Handling stock control for direct sales, job inputs & job input returns
  • Integrated accounts; purchasing, sales, job-costing, stock & nominal

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Herbst Cloud Client

This solution focuses on keeping your accounts received and accounts payable visible and in check. Multi-department support gives you more control and insight into each department fiscal expenditure. The end result is the ability to track and manage live information across business processes, and making sure all the money going in and out of the business is accounted for.

  • Real-time P&L
  • Live Working Capital Analysis
  • Multi-department support with budgets
  • Re-definable and dynamic NL tree structure
  • Flexible business periods
  • Quick edit correction utilities
  • Powerful security logs and user restrictions
  • A comprehensive range of standard reports
  • Drill down to the original documents

Herbst Jobber

Empower employees to clock in and out of jobs easily. No more timesheet entry, stop duplication and get real-time information. The benefits from Herbst Jobber are from the worker doing his job on the site to the people working in the back office. It happens because we have a fully integrated solution. In summary, improve collaboration and communications between all of your business teams by reducing duplication and increasing efficiencies.

  • Complete list of all jobs, sorted in order of priority
  • Book in and out to the job at any phase
  • Update the status of the job on the go
  • Take photos and categorize each job image instantly
  • You know the true cost of each job
  • View status of each job in real-time from the desktop
  • Drill down into the details (photos, additional parts, and overtime)
  • Have a fully integrated BIS available for full, comprehensive data analysis

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