About Padraig Tully

Established in 1978, Tully Nurseries stands as one of Ireland’s premier nurseries, boasting an esteemed reputation nationally and internationally. Renowned for its extensive and diverse collection of plants, ranging from bedding plants to towering trees and from classic favourites to captivating exotics, the nursery takes pride in offering Ireland’s most extensive selection. With an annual production exceeding one million plants, Tully Nurseries is particularly celebrated for its cultivation of both new and established varieties of Hebes, supplying markets in Ireland and the UK.

How do we help?

Before implementing Herbst Software ERP, Tully Nurseries operated on separate systems that lacked effective communication. In their landscaping operations, job costing was manually recorded on paper, and one major issue was the inability of manual picking lists to synchronise with the EPOS system, leading to errors due to the manual process. When the time came to renew these legacy systems, Padraig Tully, the Managing Director, and senior management recognised the need for a fully integrated Business Management Solution.

Their key requirements included real-time information across all business aspects, enhanced transparency and user-friendly reporting for more accurate data. Herbst’s implementation provided Tully Nurseries with real-time information and visibility across all operations with better control for management to make more informed decisions promptly.