About Mc Grath Limestone

Mc Graths has been with Herbst for 10 years, previously the firm used the DOS system and the company felt very limited and restricted with the software. As it had little option for changing and customizing the software.

How do we help?

Herbst was able to offer credit control which was lacking for Mc Graths at the time, as the company was unable to prevent dockets from going to customers who had not made a full payment or had outstanding fees. With the integration of Herbst this changed, as the software prevented the delivery of goods to customers who had gone over their credit limits. This had not occurred before with Dos software and was one of the major factors which made Mc Graths integrate Herbst software into their business.



The weighbridge is vital to Mc Graths business as 80% of all business will pass through it, Herbst software helps supply the information to each driver and is able to pass information through the software along to invoices, controlling of stocks, and outputs.

Kiosk Driver

The module kiosk driver aided Mc Graths when exporting to the UK as it created accurate tracking of orders and also made it simple to understand what was being processed and demanded. This made it available to see the ticket orders being placed and delivered allowing for live information from the UK at all times. The module is also implemented in Mc Graths’ Irish quarries as it helps drivers understand what orders are available to them and will print tickets for each order on demand with no hassle.


When implementing the software into Mc Graths’ business in 2008, Herbst insisted for a two day training course. Mc Graths found that this was simple and the easiest way to integrate the software, as without such asking questions and demonstrating the product would have seemed complex and confusing. Despite this process taking up two full days the implementation was clean, smooth and went at a customizable pace. As well Mc Graths chose to take courses on all aspects of the software because they viewed that the full usage of Herbst software could provide vital to the management of their business and without the two full day courses this would have not been possible in such a short amount of time.

This allowed the workers to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.
Billy Mc Grath

Specific needs?

Mc Graths was able to save large amounts of time when dealing with billing, as Herbst software allowed for the sending of a report from both hauliers and administration. This helped verify that both reports matched and streamlined the payment process, which has saved time for the haulier and Mc Graths.

Fully integrated?

A positive aspect of the implementation of Herbst to Mc Graths was that it allowed for all aspects of the software business to be included into one system. As previously Mc Graths had multiple different systems operating individual jobs, however with Herbst the software companies are able to integrate all aspects of a business to facilitate management. This was a large selling point for Mc Graths when considering the implementation of Herbst software.