About Duggan Veterinary

Duggan Veterinary, founded in 1987, provides veterinary surgeons with premium, affordable products for use in the treatment of animals. They also distribute pet grooming products and XXX (farm and yard ) to retail outlets all over Europe.

Why Herbst?

Duggan Veterinary was using lots of spreadsheets and a mainstream accounts package with a bespoke add-on to handle traceability – a critical application for drug distributors. In 2015 they had outgrown their accounts system and decided to computerise everything to integrate all departments. Amongst other benefits, this meant they would be able to see real-time stock quantities. They researched the market and Herbst came out top because it had excellent stock control with an integrated traceability application and is multi-currency.


We chose Herbst because of its integrated traceability system. This is a regulatory requirement because we distribute drugs. Customers are so happy with the online ordering service (and the quick delivery) that we remain number one for customer service.
Donal Duggan