HRM & Payroll Herbst Software

HRM & Payroll

Herbst HRM & Payroll

  • Manage holidays and keep track of absence
  • Automatic upload to Revenue
  • Comply with employment legislation
  • Manage people and performance
  • Real time entry and validation
  • Fully comprehensive calendar
  • Multi company/location
  • Multi pay group / pay cycle
  • Integration with time & attendance
  • Compliant with Irish legislation
  • Retrospection facilities
  • Robust security and audit facilities

Herbst Personnel

Herbst Personnel is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with little or no in-house HR expertise. As well as keeping all your HR information in one place, it will also help you keep up-to-date and compliant with employee legislation. This solution provides HR back-office functionality for the creation and maintenance of user defined tables, security profiles, access control, as well as HR data. Incorporating: Basic Employee Details, Personal Details, Contact Details, Salary History, Job History, Bank & Tax Details, Employee Benefits, Email Payslips, Absence Details, Performance History, Benefit & Deduction Details, Memo Details and more.

Herbst Pay

Herbst Pay is an ideal solution for any organisation that needs an accurate, easy to use and secure payroll. Along with our Herbst Insight modules, Herbst Pay is fully integrated into one solution allowing you to work smarter and drive efficiencies. Herbst Pay integrates with all of the Herbst Insight modules including our time and attendance and job costing modules (Herbst Time and Attendance) so that you can manage the entire end-to-end payroll process with ease.

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Eliminate paperwork to save time and money

Catches transactions as they happen while automatically updating the nominal ledger eliminates paper chasing and duplication. Once implemented the solution automatically cuts back on many none productive daily operations. Automate routines and save hours every week in administration/accounting and gives you quick access to the same information from different perspectives.

Advanced Customisation

Completely customisable, HRM can be configured to match your businesses unique requirements and accommodate virtually any payroll – from the most basic, to the most complex. Herbst Personnel is 100% Revenue Online Services (ROS) supported meaning P30s, P45s, and P35s can all be converted for transfer to ROS.

Completely integrated operations across your business

Your business can gain tremendous cost savings and service improvements across the entire enterprise. The integrated nature of Herbst Pay means that payroll can move from being an overhead into being a by-product of other efficient HR and workforce management processes. It allows for complete control and real-time information at the touch of a button.

Easy to use, reducing manual administration

Herbst Personnel and Herbst Pay are built with the user in mind, with a user interface that is easy to manage and use on a daily basis. Herbst Pay and Herbst Personnel are designed to simplify payroll complexities, increase accuracy, control and governance while eliminating manual calculations. Additionally, management has complete control to grant and revoke access to specific functionality, at their convenience.

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