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Herbst Foundation offers all of the basic accounting and management software needed to automate your business. It is our introductory Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package, tailored for growing companies that are restricted by their accounting software and are on the lookout for something more comprehensive to manage business operations while also covering their accounting needs.

This product package includes full customer/supplier relationship management (CRM), ensuring you can manage your business relationships in a timely and effective manner. Herbst Foundation offers:

  • Nominal, creditors and debtors ledgers
  • VIES & INTRASTAT VAT management
  • Debtors and creditors control
  • Finance management
  • Quote management
  • Pricing management
  • Complete customer/supplier CRM
  • Order management
  • Information management
  • Form and reports design

Intuitive and easy to use UI

Herbst Insight is built with the user in mind, with features and functionality that is easy to manage and use on a daily basis. With Herbst Foundation, we offer a dynamic flexible system that grows and adapts in line with your business needs and the needs of your individual users. Views are fully customisable to each user’s needs and preferences, and at all times management has complete control to grant and revoke access to specific functionality, at their convenience.

Completely integrated operations across your business

The solution is orientated around managing the whole business, and improving procedures around operations, stocks, services, cash flow, sales, purchases and accounts. Everything works in synchronicity, preventing the replication of work and human error, as well as producing critical information while still being very relevant to the task at hand.

Empower your financial controller to save time and make money

Catching nearly all transactions as they happen while automatically updating the nominal ledger eliminates paper chasing and duplication. Once implemented the solution automatically cuts back on many non productive daily operations. Having complete traceability within each individual document, combined with the “click & drill down” function within any related documents overcomes many potentially time-consuming obscurities.

Control your sales and procurement processes

The sales ledger is completely integrated within all aspects of the system and empowers the sales manager to coordinate, standardise, monitor and manage transactions in real-time. It allows for delegation within the sales team to be more efficient and effective not only externally, but also internally with other departments. Enforce mandatory minimum margins and account credit restrictions. Avail of easy to use analytical tools for analysing customer/product historical sales.

Automate credit control procedures

Facilitating proactive and reactive ways to improve a business’s cash flow. Multiple credit limits, customised debtor letters, allocation of account managers, instant access to due transactions, notes & logs of all correspondence, instantly freeze any account, enable contras, enable popups and the ability to view summary analysis of previous historical behaviour patterns.

Gives you the competitive edge

Your business can gain tremendous cost savings and service improvements across the entire enterprise. Financial performance can be monitored and controlled in much more effective fashion than ever before, empowering senior management with real-time visibility of all processes, and has proven to give companies the competitive edge.


Comprehensive ERP Functionality

This business management system has a large number of short-cut utilities to facilitate employees working in a busy telephone environment. Offers key functions such as quick find, quick view, quick entry, clone & change, quick edit, split screen views with complete drill down to real-time information. Other data functions such as group, sort, filter, analyse & chart functions are present within the system itself. Excel exporting is available, but becomes less of a necessity as you can easily customise and save screen views in the format you require.

Flexible Modular Structure

Our solutions are built around modular structure that allows for a product that’s flexible and scalable depending on the size of your business, taking into account your present and future requirements. If at a later time more functionality is required, additional modules can be added that will essentially snap in place and expand the system and allow you to do more. In this way, the price can be kept down to your budget at the time of purchase, with the capability of expanding the feature set over time.

Drill-down to original documents

Our ERP product features complete drill down functionality on all documents, customers, suppliers, products and nominal ledger accounts. At any stage of the transaction process, you are able to see the woods from the trees and gain valuable insight into any business process. Having complete real-time traceability within each individual document, combined with the “click & drill down” function within any related documents overcomes many potentially time-consuming obscurities. Furthermore, there are no mandatory end of month procedures and no loss of detail over time.

Complete and integrated CRM

Our fully integrated customer/supplier relations management system (CRM) helps you focus your business by providing the tools to manage traders more effectively, and to develop a clearer picture of where to go next with your sales and marketing strategies. Having a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and wants is essential to keeping your business customer focused, and our CRM allows you to do just that.

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