Seven capital sins of Managers who do not use Management Software


There are good Managers, there are bad Managers. We have all most likely been exposed – or subjected to– to both ends of the Manager spectrum.  A progressive Manager is hard to find and often will not stay where his or her talents are not leveraged or appreciated.

A Manager’s role is to ensure his or her team has the tools and resources they need to do their job well. They are also responsible for ensuring the corporate or company mandate is fulfilled and that all targets are met. Essentially, they are the ultimate ‘middle man’!

However, what happens when the Manager does not have the proper tools needed to manage effectively and to ensure their teams are, in fact, effective?

Let us look at the seven capital sins of an ill-prepared Manager:

  1. Has no oversight of customer status’.
    They will be unable to provide up to the minute information or reports on a customer. Did they pay their invoice? Was the product delivered? Are they a happy customer?
  2. Tends to ‘wing it’.
    Without the necessary tools, they tend to guess and assume what the state of business is. With no business processes or tangible data to back up their assumption, error are made…often costly ones.
  3. Limited understanding of the state of his/her division.
    Each division is a critical part of the whole company and are often dependent upon one another to succeed. If one division is in disarray and cannot account for their data, then others are impacted.
  4. Blaming his team for not producing, when they have not been provided with the tools they need to be successful.
    A Manager is as successful as his team. Always.
  5. Unaccountable
    Makes excuses for a lack of team performance and blames everyone but him or herself.
  6. Limited customer intelligence
    Has no information with which to direct his or her team or build new business within the division. By being unable to see a comprehensive history, they are unable to plan well for the future.
  7. Assuming his team can collect data out of thin air
    Constantly asking for information and reports that are almost impossible to produce, as the data is not centralised or readily available.

Each and every ‘sin’ is avoidable by simply having a robust ERP and centralised solution which allows you and your team the ability to service your clients from any location and from any device. By having current, clean and quality data, your customers will appreciate your knowledge of them, their business and their needs. Better yet, you will stand out from your competition in all service areas, including customer satisfaction!

Give your Managers what they (and their teams) need to be successful!

Herbst Software’s many ERP solutions will not only meet, but will exceed all expectations and business requirements now and in the future.


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