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Stock Cloud Client:

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Doing inventory can often be a cumbersome process, often wrought with errors and discrepancies. Being able to reconcile your products, stocks and batches against your suppliers’ records will save time and obviously, money.

Herbst Stock App allows your team to use a Smartphone or rugged tablet/device to scan barcodes, batch codes and even validate the product by serial number or product ID/description. The UI is simple and highly intuitive. All data is available in real-time from the central ERP solution. As long as the device is Wi-Fi or internet capable and accessible, validation is instant.

From both the perspective of the supplier and VAR, invoicing is accurate and timely, as all stock details are readily available. This is especially important when products have a limited shelf life and need to be moved out in a timely manner.

Like all Herbst solutions, security is critical. By using a Role Based model for secure access, only the information a User is required to see and manage is presented.

Manage your inventory and stock securely, effectively and proactively.

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    Stock Cloud Client Key Benefits

    • All platforms (even specialised devices)
    • Secure manner
    • Validity Check (Identify a problem straight away in the production manufatcturing. Save time and money)
    • Manage the info further
    • Doing an Invoice
    • Manage when an Item is ready to be sold
    • Integrated with ERP