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Your data should never be left to chance, and having more than one form of backup for critical data is a must in a modern business where data accumulation is constantly on the rise. This solution provides an advanced utility that allows you to make copies, encrypting and storing your databases automatically and in a secure manner. Backups occur on both a daily and monthly basis, with both being separated for added security.

Your database with your entire debtor list is too important. Unfortunately busy organisations only realise the critical nature of conducting backups in times of fire and theft. Due diligent risk management justifies contigency and targeted backing up procedures which compensate for human error. This software has been designed to make sure that your most important data is always backed up, and if there is a problem, someone in the organisation has been notified.

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    Backup Scheduler Key Benefits

    • Schedule automatic backups
    • Differentiate between monthly and daily backups
    • Specialised utility for database management
    • Have your own off-site secure vault to store backups
    • Check the integrity of the database
    • Automatically email status report for each backup