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Security Control:

Core Module.

All businesses must be very cognoscente of their in-house and ERP security. Our end-to-end solution can track and hold all actions in the system security log so that you can easily view and report on them.

Thresholds can be added to the solution to alert System Administrators to any breaches or unauthorised activities. Herbst supports smart security – by associating users with a role-Based security group meaning managers are better equipped to control who is using the solution and in what capacity. Password syntax and login attempt thresholds are all fully customisable and can be aligned to your company policies and standards.

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    Security Control Key Benefits

    • Manage sales pipeline and on-going correspondence
    • Group, classify, and organise customers
    • Quote quickly and track status thereafter
    • Store external files and contracts with customer
    • Customise telesales interface for quick and easy order entry
    • Create exception views to show lapsed sales
    • Live dispatch details visible on customer account
    • Instant access to stock availability and related information
    • Targeted marketing of new products lines
    • Flexible and dynamic pricing systems