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Sales Ledger:

Core Module.

Our sales management features allow you manage aspects of the sales pipeline with ease, empowering your sales team with quick access to relevant information in real-time. Not only does it improve collaboration and communication between your sales team and the rest of your business, but also it adds to the overall experience of you clients and suppliers by providing account manager functionality.

Provides the ability to produce quotes and sales orders enabling the coordination of activities between your sales team, warehouses and plants, shipping and accounting teams. This solution facilitates efficient management of accounts, shipping, invoicing and commissions. Our sales management solution can also create efficiencies in the sales process by identifying and organising sales prospects and leads so you can take full advantage of potential opportunities.

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    Sales Ledger Key Benefits

    • Manage sales pipeline and on-going correspondence
    • Group, classify, and organise customers
    • Quote quickly and track status thereafter
    • Store external files and contracts with customer
    • Customise telesales interface for quick and easy order entry
    • Create exception views to show lapsed sales
    • Live dispatch details visible on customer account
    • Instant access to stock availability and related information
    • Targeted marketing of new products lines
    • Flexible and dynamic pricing systems