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Nominal Ledger:

Core Module.

At its core, our ERP software is supported by a strong nominal ledger. The main objective of this solution is to stop paper chasing and empower the financial controller with the key information they need at any time. Every aspect of the business can be linked back to the nominal ledger, and this has a dynamic and re-definable structure that is customisable to suit the specific needs of your business. Allows you to tailor and manage your ledger your way either by tree structure or by listing. The accounts structure incorporates our unique grid view system across the product, making sorting and filtering out information extremely simple.

This solution focuses on keeping your accounts received and accounts payable visible and in check. Multi-department support gives you more control and insight into each department fiscal expenditure. The end result is the ability to track and manage live information across business processes, and making sure all the money going in and out of the business is accounted for.

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    Nominal Ledger Key Benefits

    • Real-time P&L
    • Quick edit correction utilities
    • Live Working Capital Analysis
    • Powerful security logs and user restrictions
    • Multi department support with budgets
    • Comprehensive range of standard reports
    • Re-definable and dynamic NL tree structure
    • Drill down to the original documents
    • Flexible business periods