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Herbst Jobber:

Extra Module.

Say goodbye to manual timesheets

Empower employees to clock in and out of jobs and stop the duplication in the back office.

Herbst Jobber is a mobile app for capturing worker hours and materials on the go. Whether they are on site or on the factory floor, jobs are updated live in real-time.

Workers can change the status of jobs, record the type of work they’re doing and the materials they are using for each job that is assigned to them, all on an easy to use intuitive touch screen application.

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    Herbst Jobber Key Benefits

    • Complete list of all jobs, sorted in order of priority
    • You know the true cost of each job
    • Book in and out to the job at any phase
    • View status of each job in real-time from the desktop
    • Update the status of the job on the go
    • Drill down into the details (photos, additional parts, and overtime)
    • Take photos and categorize each job image instantly
    • Have a fully integrated BIS available for full, comprehensive data analysis