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Haulage and Carriage:

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An integrated haulage solution simplifies and automates the management of this business process. If you’re a business that deals with hauliers, this is the perfect solution for you. When managing your haulage and carriage needs, we provide a powerful tool for dealing with and managing your haulage costs. Simplify and automate you haulier activities, saving valuable time like chasing hauliers for invoices, calculating the costs for different zones, tracking radial miles, catering for depots and dealing with multi- client site environments.

Our haulage solution is one that improves accuracy, eliminates any existing duplication and gives real-time information at the push of a button. Not to mention the ability to create back to back haulage orders, reports by haulier and driver, automated self-billing reports and keep coordinates of all locations which are valuable additions for any business involved in distribution of product.

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    Haulage and Carriage Key Benefits

    • Back to back haulage orders
    • Keep coordinates for every location
    • Zone, radial miles, depots, and multiple client sites
    • Compare all your hauliers with one another
    • Reports by haulier and driver
    • Automatically apply additional haulage charges
    • Tracks waiting time and minimum load
    • Assign a default haulier to customers
    • Automated self-billing reports