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Gis Mapping:

Core Module.

Our integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) lets you visualise, question, analyse, and understand data better, on a geographical map. This solution reveals key relationships, patterns and trends that may have been missed previously without a clear visualisation of important information. It has the benefit of removing the clutter, and being able to see the same information in a different light.

By visualising your existing data in this way, it allows you to recognise new opportunities using a map and plot points based on your own preferences. Being able to plot suppliers, existing customers or potential customers on a map makes it quick and easy to identify locations and distances between sites for strategic and short term planning.

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    GIS Mapping Key Benefits

    • Easy to use and integrated with your real-time data
    • See customers with outstanding orders
    • Keep coordinates on customers and traders
    • Picture your customers by location or area
    • View the 10 closest customers to another customer
    • Comes with a range of standard reports
    • Keep coordinates at document level (deliveries)
    • Comes with GIS/KLM report writer
    • Visualise previously sold product at customer locations