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Discount Control:

Extra Module.

Herbst Discount Control module is designed for a B2B trade environment and allows for simple and proactive management of discounts and pricing adjustments…with permissions, of course.

Often, discounts and large scale purchases are handled in a subjective manner by Managers and Senior Executives. Worse, they are inconsistent and can create issue with clients if not controlled carefully. You want to be able to protect the retail cost while empowering your sales team to meet the needs of high volume and long term clients.
The Discount Control module supports escalated approvals and POS activities needed to fulfil orders and discount requests. Negotiations are just part of doing business, so why not make the process easy and reportable.

Reward your best customers with trackable, categorised discounts and incentives and keep their business now and in the future.

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    Discount Control Key Benefits

    • Made for the B2B environment
    • Negotiation
    • POS -> Till has availability to give auto discount depending of the user permissions
    • Manage who has & how much discount (Cattegorize users permissions)
    • Don’t tell your retail the cost
    • Discounts based on customers Vs. Product
    • More deals
    • Mangers would have more power for more discounts
    • Reward your best customers with more auto discounts based on their behaviour