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Business Intelligence:

Core Module.

Business Intelligence (BI) embodies the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process for your company. It empowers management and allows them to make informed decisions quickly by giving them relevant information as and when they need it. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations allowing for the easy interpretation of the large volumes of company data in a modern day business.

This solution provides powerful BI tools allows users of the Business Management Software see their business information in real time with the ability to drill down into the live details as required. You can get easy access to any ledger in real-time with the ability to fully customise the dashboard throughout the system. Pivot tables can be used to summarise large volumes of information and you can drill down to the original documents easily. Our BI solution also gives you the ability to customise to your own specific requirements, such as customising a view by group, and to sort/filter the relevant information as you desire. Additionally, you can generate an analysis or chart report within the software itself or you can quickly export to excel is necessary.

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    Business Intelligence Key Benefits

    • Easy access to information from ledgers in real-time
    • BI fully interwoven throughout system
    • Customisable dashboards in all ledgers
    • Drill down queries to original documents
    • Pivot and summarise large amounts of information
    • Filtering features which identify exceptions
    • Complete access to history for identifying trends
    • In-built advanced report writer
    • Individual users can focus BI around their operations
    • Periodically email/SMS KPIs