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Budgets and Targets:

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In a modern and dynamic business environment, being able to manage finances and create advanced reports easily is an important part of strategic planning. What you get with this solution is completely integrated with the core business management system, and one that can report the variations between actual and expected performance benchmarks through to management. It also provides valuable and actionable business information that gives you an edge when it comes to forecasting and meeting sales and production targets.

One of the benefits from advanced budgets and targets is the automation of key processes related to planning and budgeting, offering the complete elimination of spreadsheets that you would have to reply upon previously. We give you all of the tools required to help organise your business information into focused, coherent data that can be acted upon.

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    Budgets and Targets Key Benefits

    • Budgets/targets are set to business periods
    • Nominal budgets can be set at a departmental level
    • Set quantity, margin or value amounts
    • Comes with standard reports and report writer
    • Budgets/targets can be assigned to managers
    • Set budgets/targets to specific suppliers and customers
    • Nominal budgets do not conflict with sales targets