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Stock Ledger:

Core Module.

Stock control, also known as inventory management is a key issue for many businesses today. What we offer is a powerful fully integrated stock management system, built to deal with a wide range and high volume of stock operations. This solution gives you the ability to manage your product life cycle and optimise inventory operations across the organisation, then linking this information in real-time directly with all of the other software features and business processes.

The purpose of this solution is to completely automate your stock control procedures. With the sales and purchases ledgers being fully integrated, stock levels are easily maintained and tracked as this data connects directly with the stock levels. Additionally, this solution gives you real time insight into the current stock levels and allows for actionable information you can use to keep your business running efficiently at all times. Our touch screen kiosk software is also available to use in warehouses to facilitate real-time management of stock.

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    Stock Ledger Key Benefits

    • Multiple units of measure per product
    • Back to back ordering
    • Flexible and quick price changing functions
    • Integrated kits, BOM, and assembly
    • Multi bar-codes and QR code support for handhelds
    • Automated manufacturer and customer part numbers
    • Automatic delivery and insurance charge features
    • Manage outstanding orders and create picking lists tools
    • Real-time free and actual stock visibility
    • Simplify procedures with re-ordering and stock take
    • Procurement wizards