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Factory Jobber:

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In a plant or factory, many people may be working on a variety of projects, each with unique resources and timelines. Keeping track of this information via manual timesheets is problematic, time consuming, and often wrong.

Your front line Admin staff can likely attest to this. But it does not need to be this hard. With Herbst Factory Jobber, clocking in and out of tasks which are associated with a contract or job, it is a manner of simply securely logging in on a commonly available tablet and indicating what is being done, for what project/contract and how long it took.

This data can then be disseminated by the Project Management team and billed/invoiced as needed, efficiently and expediently. This also allows the plant to run mu8ltiple, complex jobs from a single location. All data is held securely in the centralised ERP and available to those with permissions to view and report on it and gain a precise understanding of what a job actually costs and how long each task takes.

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    Factory Jobber Key Benefits

    • Clock in & out of a job
    • Integrated with ERP
    • Many jobs
    • +Info & +value to the management
    • Cost the Job
    • Good analysis because of the details
    • See the Data in many different angles
    • No timesheet – More accuracy
    • Real-time
    • Better management reports