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Credit Control:

Core Module.

Credit Control is an integral part within our business management software. Having quick and easy access to overdue accounts is imperative to enabling your accounts department in becoming more efficient with their time. This solution enables accounts to identify whom to contact and then subsequently, chase payment whilst also ensuring to record each interaction via the integrated CRM functionality. Integrated credit controls are present and incorporated in all relevant procedures throughout the system. The great benefit to providing good credit control in this way, is that it eliminates any margin for error and allows personnel to have the correct information at the right time.

The outcome is a solution which allows management to control the risk surrounding the active and busy nature of a modern business environment. Also included are automated processes for sending out letters, emails, and SMS messaging making chasing debts much simpler. You can also place accounts on hold status, clear hold status, and send updates to colleagues as and when required.

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    Credit Control Key Benefits

    • Start credit control validations at order stage
    • Customer credit rating for a more meaningful aged analysis
    • Restrict dispatch of goods on overdue accounts
    • Credit pop-ups on overdue accounts
    • Extensive and flexible credit constraints on customers
    • Manage difficult accounts easily
    • Charge interest on selected overdue accounts
    • Automated personalised debtor letter functionality
    • Keep a record of all correspondence
    • Direct SMS function