Optimise your business management solution


One of the most cost-effective ways to implement ‘lean’ throughout an organisation is to embellish or optimise your business management solution (learn all you need to know about business management solution here). This is done by enhancing all functions and features which in return, drives efficiencies. Today, as many business owners will know, business management solutions are the backbone of complex business operations and processes, with full visibility and data accessibility usually being the primary drivers of an organisation functioning smoothly.

Along side these systems, automatically comes ‘lean’ practises which are built into the system and designed to enhance efficiencies and optimise your performance within an organisation.

optimise your business management solution

Having a business management system will give you a good opportunity to incorporate efficiencies within the organisation without disrupting the culture too much. This is because firstly, you can blame the system, secondly, not only are these functionalities easily implemented, they will also simplify business processes for individuals and thridly, integrated business management solutions often present opportunities to make business processes more efficient ie – without the software, operations are not as efficient.

The key is that Herbst is ONE system, it’s all live data, and the information you require to empower somebody to do their own operations is readily available. For management and staff, they firstly need to understand the business processes and implementation stages that are required for the end results that are needed.

Once they understand the whole business process, then you can start to digitise procedures to create a lean environment that transforms operations


Some strategies that will optimise your business management solution

By optimising your business management solution, you can automate key business processes leading to more consistent, streamlined operations. You can effectively share information across departments, locations, and countries to eliminate costly errors and improve visibility. Having an efficient solution gives you flexible tools to analyse operational data, proactively manage business exceptions and improve strategic planning.

✅ Manage risks from the beginning

All business management software implementation comes with an element of risk. What’s important is knowing your industry, what can cause risk and how to mitigate it. Our specialised Herbst implementation team is trained in managing and mitigating risks, giving you the solution you need for your business and helping optimise your business management solution.

✅ Set your KPI´s

Measuring the performance of your business management system is an important part of being able to validate the investment you made or continue to make over time. Set specific goals and KPIs that you can work against once the new system is in place;


✅ Know your business processes and standardise them

Standardise business processes and data. Convert static hard-copy and non-integrated reports to a dashboard format or purpose-built reports to save time and energy, ensuring users have access to real-time data.

Our software provides flexible and agile methods for interfacing with different applications to retrieve the required data. This data can then be optimised and presented in a value-add manner that makes sense to the business. We give you the tools to do your job efficiently which in return will optimise your business management solution.

✅ Integrate your interfaces all in one

Picking a business management software shows your commitment to business and a drive to be the best. Integration of interfaces is a way of connecting your software to other systems to ensure that consistent information is shared, streamlined and in real-time, whilst also automating workflows.

✅ Where possible move data, not paper

Inefficiently managed or outdated supply chain process is a liability that no business can afford to overlook. Integrate your system with customers and suppliers so that data can flow quickly and accurately. Business management systems should be setup to allow seamless data flow, reducing duplication while maintaining data integrity safeguards and security.

✅ Don’t be overwhelmed by features

Features are important, but they are not everything. Too often, an organization selects the system that has the biggest feature matrix. It is more important to have the correct features that deliver value for your organisation. At Herbst, we only develop functionality that delivers for the industry and features that will optimise your business management solutions.

✅ Have a maintenance plan for your software

Having a set plan and assigning who in the company is responsible for the project and maintenance at a given time will ensure your business management system is always running smoothly and is up to date with the latest applications.

At Herbst Software, we continuously gather information from the latest trends in business and from current clients to ensure the system has all the optimisations you need to streamline and fully integrate your organisation.

Who are Herbst Software?

Herbst Software is a well established Irish owned business with 40 years’ experience working with Irish and UK B2B businesses and are renown for establishing excellent relationships and a good level of understanding with lean consultants and team leaders.

Herbst software is a fully customisable, turn-key solution which can be adapted and changed according to specific business operations.

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