Herbst Backup Scheduler released

The considerable enhancements in functionality are aimed at meeting user’s expectations, increasing efficiency and facilitating the backup process.

The detailed description of the improvements is as follows:
Facility to define Backup Window.
Backup window defines the time period when tasks are permitted to run according to the schedule.
24-hours period is used to calculate backup window duration: i.e. if “From” value is more than “To” value, the backup window duration will be the sum of two periods – from “From” to midnight (00:00) and from midnight (00:00) to “To”.
Time stamp and version number are added to Log records.
Herbst Backup Scheduler 1 is installed for “Everyone” by default.
Improved shedule procedure.
If several tasks meet with the schedule conditions, the task with earlier start time will be run first.
“*.ma1?” extension is added to default set of Firebird database extensions.

Please visit Herbst Software Support Center and download the latest version.

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