Mobile Stock Control, Top 5 Benefits By Having It.


Nowadays you would be required to operate a ‘just in time’ focused business which means knowing what you have available, where it is stocked, and how fast you can fulfil your customers’ orders. We just cannot avoid the fact the mobile stock control is the answer to that. Housing unwanted or obsolete goods in expensive distribution centres or warehouses is not a viable business strategy now or in the long-term. You must be nimble. You must be proactive and have a complete grasp of your inventory all the time.

Being able to partner effectively with your manufacturers and sales teams to get your stocked items to your customers, means having a robust solution in place that is not only accessible from any mobile device, but has the most current information available no matter where your sales team is on the road, or in the office.

The right tools and best possible mobile solution at your fingertips will guarantee market dominance, customer loyalty and more importantly, customer satisfaction.

Here are 5 clear benefits to having those tools in place as part of your business:

  1.     Reduction in obsolete stock/inventory

Leverage your past order knowledge to ensure having what your customers want on hand, and ready to ship. Reduce the inventory footprint in your distribution centre or central warehouse with an integrated mobile stock control.

  1. Order fulfilment expediency

From that email or call to you order desk, ensure you offer the best possible delivery turnaround to your customers. Stand out from your competition and be the market standard to beat!

  1. Productive, well-informed sales staff

Using their smartphone, tablet or laptop, your mobile staff can manage their orders and customer interaction with the knowledge they need to meet and exceed all customer demands. Using any Android device, they can operate in real-time, all the time.

  1. Measurable operational savings

With access to a robust reporting platform, you and your team will be able to actually measure your success and your margins on a regular basis by using an integrated mobile stock control. Compare the results to previous years and be able to show senior managers and primary stakeholders exactly where the state of the business stands.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction is usually measured by repeat business, great word of mouth recommendations and being the business others aspire to measure against. When you have the devotion and trust of your customers, you become the gold standard in your industry.

By implementing a robust solution to manage your inventory, you also have the opportunity to centralise your customer data and all inventory details. Place your data in a secure, cloud-based environment that is simple to manage, easy to upgrade and backed up regularly.

Your data is your heart and soul, which enables you to meet all your customers’ needs. Being able to know exactly what you have and knowing you do not have inventory collecting dust at the back of the warehouse means you are in front of your ability to deliver on time, at the best possible price for your committed customers and your future clients as well.

You can also read how an integrated mobile solution can help your business.

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