Mobile solutions made easy for your Agri Business.


Life is mobile, so why not make your key business processes mobile as well? Trying to keep up with the ever-changing demands of your customers and staying ahead of your competition can consume a tremendous amount of energy and resources if you do not have the right solution in place.

Your team and your customers may not all be located within a drivable radius. They are operating in remote, rural locations and often on the road a great part of their week. However, you want them to stay connected, function as a team and be informed and more importantly, meet the needs of both your team and your customers.

You and your team need a solid solution that fits your workflow perfectly. Herbst Software has a solution for every logistical problem a growing Agri-business may have. From a tablet, smartphone or
iOS/Android device, all your customers’ information can be at your

Problem: Real-time info – Being able to know exactly what your customer has ordered, what the status of the order is, what their account status is (have they paid their invoices and are they current?) and when a delivery will arrive at the dock is essential to your high standards for customer care.

Solution: Herbst Software Cloud Client
A perfect solution for staff who are true road warriors:

Problem: Tracking goods and deliveries‘Where is my order?’ Your customers have competitors, just like you do. They need to be able to meet the needs of their clients and have full knowledge of their orders and deliverables.

Solution: Herbst Software Traceability Solution
For drivers, customers and sales staff – have a proactive, informative solution that will alert when goods have been fulfilled, picked up, are en-route and when they arrive on the customer’s loading dock.

Problem: Simple and intuitive interface – Managing your business processes from a tablet or smartphone can be problematic as many interfaces are complex and difficult to read on a small screen.

Solution: Herbst Software Kiosk Solution
The simple and intuitive interface allows the user many features and functions:

Problem: Business Intelligence – you need it!
Having a complete picture of your business, your highly productive teams and be able to have access to comprehensive reports and information can be daunting. Often requiring multiple solutions to gather everything you need.

Solution: Herbst Software Business Intelligence Solution
Underpinning multiple features and functions offered by Herbst
Software, and having the ability to access them (and drill into your
business data) are all a part of the BI Solution:

You know your business and you know best how it can keep your valuable customers happy and your teams well informed. By deploying a solution that fits your business processes (rather than squeezing your processes into an inadequate solution), you will be able to have a robust mobile business process now and as your business grows.

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