Mobile solutions for engineering


As business professionals, especially in an engineering field, you want to be on top of our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.  Precision is not just an expectation for your business, it is a requirement. The new reality is that you can get as much done from your tablet with the tap of your finger as you can from your desktop or laptop, sometimes faster through the use of Apps.

That is why Herbst introduced ‘Jobber’. Jobber is one of our mobile solutions for engineering, which ensures efficient communication from the work site, factory floor and back office, allows employees to clock in and out of jobs, update their job status, detail the type of work they’re doing and complete checklists for each job assigned.

Not only can this mobile application provide all of the above information, it is also linked directly to our job costing module which gives you accurate information on real vs estimated costs.

Imagine having all this information at the touch of a button and able to show your engineering clients in real time. Talk about customer service!


Benefits of mobile solutions for engineering

Efficiency from anywhere
You have a remote workforce with different sites. Keeping track of their tasks is almost impossible, yet you have to account for their time. Why not have them ‘clock-in’ remotely through an App? You will have live data on all employee project tasks and be able to manage your overall costs efficiently.

Fully integrated solution with Job Costing functionality
All of our company information fully integrated AND in real-time. Additional tasks can be set up easily, calculating the budget and hours allowing your staff to focus on the tasks at hand, instead of struggling with calculations and costs. This ensures all company data is current, live and visible to all who require it to complete critical tasks.

Platform freedom
By supporting Android Apps, your business becomes platform agnostic. No more incompatibility issues between team members’ file formats.

Real Time Knowledge
The ability to access up to the minute information about your business and your clients will provide you with a clear advantage over your competitors in the marketplace.

Collaboration in an instant
Your teams need to share information to be effective and meet all customer demands. They are in different locations and rarely have the opportunity to meet face to face. Through the use of a robust mobile solution, they can share documents, respond to customer requests and manage resources expeditiously

What industry functionality is involved?

Job Costing

Our job costing application is a feature of our business management solutions for engineering, that can help firms accurately track project expenses, including labor, materials, and overhead costs. With job costing, project managers can see a detailed breakdown of costs associated with each project or task. This information is valuable when it comes to quoting future jobs or bidding on projects, as it allows firms to determine the profitability of a job and make informed decisions about pricing.

Sub-Assembly Management

Sub-assembly management is another key feature of our solutions for engineering that can be particularly helpful for engineering firms. This feature enables engineers to break down larger projects into smaller, more manageable sub-assemblies. By managing sub-assemblies, engineers can track progress more accurately and reduce the risk of errors or delays. It also allows for more efficient use of resources, as engineers can plan sub-assemblies around the availability of resources such as equipment or materials.

Estimation Vs Actual Tracking

Estimation versus actual tracking, is another feature of our solutions for engineering, that enables engineers to compare the estimated costs of a project or task to the actual costs incurred. This feature allows project managers to see where they may have underestimated or overestimated costs and adjust future estimates accordingly. It also provides valuable insights into the accuracy of the firm’s pricing and can help identify areas for cost savings.

Interoperability with Designing Software

Interoperability with other designing software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or other design tools is a vital feature of our business management software in the engineering industry. Engineers can create bills of materials (BOMs) and routing information directly from design software, which helps eliminate data entry errors and reduce time spent on manual data entry. By inter-operating with these systems, engineers can quickly and easily generate quotes, manage projects, and track progress, resulting in increased productivity and accuracy.


A final word

Our business management solutions offer several key features that can benefit the industry, including our mobile solutions for engineering such as job costing, sub-assembly management, estimation versus actual tracking, and interoperability with other designing software. Engineering firms will be able to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency and engineers will be able to manage resources more effectively, improve quality control, and make data-driven decisions about their finances. 


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