Mobile Solutions – a new age for customer management


The sales person of today is a far cry from the standard model from a few years ago.  They are eager, tech savvy and want to be able to beat out their competitors at every opportunity.

While face time with a client is always important, the ability to provide real-time data and project details is more important and of more value to your clients.

Liam is a young engineer with at least 10 major projects and numerous smaller tasks. He needs to know exactly what his projects actually cost, where the materials are and if the trades are on time and in line with the schedule.

Through the use of Herbst Jobber application, he can do just that… and more. He can track all costs, resources, tasks, deliveries and materials fulfillment. In turn, he will be less stressed, more in control, and always sync with the back office.

Gita has been in sales for over 15 years with the same company and knows her many customers well. She manages multiple sectors and takes the time to understand their markets.

Through the use of Herbst Software Insight (ERP Solution) many integrated and the Cloud Client Solution, she is able to manage her clients in real-time. Always having her clients’ information at the tip of her fingers (whether she is at her office or on the road on her way to meet a new client) is essential to her success and her company’s success.

Martin manages a small trucking company that services mainly agricultural clients. He wants to improve his service times and be able to keep his drivers informed. He also wants to be paid for his services faster. As well, he is often mobile tending to business or driving a truck should a driver be unavailable.

He uses the Trucker and Traceability solutions, as well as the full ERP suite to manage his invoicing and payments. This frees him up to procure new clients, hire more drivers and manage his fleet effectively. Keeping track of his drivers and being able to tell customers in real-time exactly where the shipments are and when they will arrive allows him to outdo his competitors, every time.

Having a mobile solution on your team means having a process that will meet their needs and allow them to sell effectively and meet their quotas. It also means providing your team access to a database, integrated data solution where all company data can be accessed, with permissions, easily and expeditiously.

The manner in which sales teams now operate has changed and will continue to change. There is a great need for real-time information and a proactive approach to customer management. A salesperson has become more of a partner and less as a supplier. They work with the client to ensure their success and in turn, create a powerful partnership.

You can watch the Herbst Jobber video and the Herbst Cloud Client video in order to fully understanding our both solutions.

Mobile Solutions:

Through the many offerings from Herbst Software, you and your team can achieve all goals and targets by Mobile Solutions!



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