Manufacturing in the midst of a pandemic


As covid-19 has gripped the planet and put a stop to many businesses all over the world, it is now more important than ever to have a flexible organisation and internal software systems that allow you to operate in the right way, regardless of circumstances. Factories have been closed and businesses need to comply with new regulations, how can you maintain efficiency during these difficult and uncertain times?

The scope of change during the pandemic and the new challenges that companies are facing is unprecedented, and there is even more focus on protecting your workforce, managing risks within the business and driving productivity. With large parts of the workforce working remotely, coordination and collaboration between departments is now a critical component in ensuring the smooth running of your business during the covid-19 pandemic.

Communication & collaboration within your business.

One critical key to success is the coordination between the factory floor and the back office, in decision making and planning. The decision makers and planners are responsible for enforcing standards and new procedures in order to create a safe environment for the workforce.

The need for a dynamic and fully integrated ERP system has gone through the roof, with companies now understanding that communication and real-time information within the business is now critical with a scattered workforce. Multiple and disconnected software systems can create problematic areas in terms of data visibility and time management. Our integrated manufacturing solution here at Herbst can help you streamline your manufacturing processes and most importantly remove paperwork and contact between employees. Click here to view more on how our software can help your operations on the factory floor and in the back office.

Removing paper & accessing live information.

Another area where the pandemic has had a major impact throughout the factory floor & warehouse environments is the requirement to reduce paperwork and the passing around of documents. There is now a need for digitalisation across the organisation and live information that can be accessed by all from any location. What does this mean? It means contact between employees can be kept to a minimum, as with an integrated solution, all information from every workflow is available to view at an instant should it be required.

Herbst touchscreen Kiosks allow you to remove paperwork and control the receipt, manufacture and dispatch of goods from the factory floor or warehouse environment. With an easy to use & intuitive interface, the Kiosk acts as a checkpoint for goods allowing you to enforce quality control and adjust stock levels in realtime. Watch our demonstration video below outlining how the kiosks are used in a real working environment.

Maintaining efficiency across your manufacturing operations.

Having front-office personnel work from home is one thing. But, running a factory floor from home is an entirely different challenge. Some small organisations can run effectively as the number of employees is generally lower, but with larger organisations it becomes a question of how few people are required to be at work at any given time.

An ERP system with full manufacturing capability allows you to minimise the number of onsite floor staff by scheduling work, having real-time visibility of stock requirements and enforcing quality control, all while working remotely. The ability to view all workflows and stages of manufacturing remotely is a huge advantage in the middle of a pandemic, and organisations are quickly realising that a flexible and integrated system allows them to be prepared for similar scenarios in the future.

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