Lean Manufacturing

Positive Change with ERP

Positive Change with ERP

Keep it Lean

A Lean company is an organization that focusing on identifying and eliminating waste from all business processes to provide maximum value to its customers.

The foundation of Lean is studying current process of an organization, identifying the problem area, blockages.

wastes and continuously improving them to implement to optimal processes across all function such as manufacturing , production planning, inventory management procurement, supply chain and logistics to ensure more efficient and profitable business.

Who are Herbst Software?

Herbst Software is a well established Irish owned business with 40 years’ experience working with Irish and UK B2B businesses and are renown for establishing excellent relationships and a good level of understanding with consultants and team leaders.

Herbst software is a fully customisable, turn-key solution which can be adapted and changed according to specific business operations. Our whole concept is we are ‘one system’, which means it is more intuitive to learn, easier to implement, install, maintain and even from a consultant’s perspective, it’s easier to manage.


A Fully Integrated System

We offer fully integrated CRM, customer web services, stock management, account management, credit control, transaction business life cycles, goods-in, production, dispatch modules, stocktaking and the overall aspect (although it may seem like a mouthful) is that everything is built within the same environment, the same software and it’s all part of ONE system.

Industries we specialise in:



With fully integrated modules and functionalities, our system facilitates the concept of ‘lean’ by streamlining business processes and removing duplication.

It is extremely easy to optimise operations because several departments within the organisation are using the same system to facilitate their own role and also feed other departments the information required to do their own business processes.

Also, by investing in one system, you automatically reduce the duplication and the complexity of your operations because everybody within the company is looking at the same data.


A good implementation process to fit the requirements of the customer is key.

Not all clients will have the same requirements, however if a consultant is working within the organisation, they will know the personality of the company, have completed a needs analysis and can best advise the direction of the implementation.

The essence and aim of a successful implementation is to work in line with the consultation process, agree on an implementation plan and during that implementation plan, you can set things out in different stages.

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